Date : 2020-05-20

According to section 22 of legal metrology act “A manufacturer or importer of any weight, measure or measuring instrument shall obtain approval of model from the Director of Legal Metrology, GOI.” 

(I) Where to register? Department of Consumer Affairs

(II) Requirements / Application for model approval

(III) Steps of model approval

  1. An application number will be generated, after filing application.
  2. Your application will be forwarded to Director of LM in RRSL.
  3. Make DD in favor of RRSL (Regional reference standards Laboratory).
  4. Submit DD to RRSL with signed application fees and physical model.
  5. Verification of DD & Recognized Lab tests the model. Issue of receipt by RRSL.
  6. Submission of report of testing by Lab to Director.
  7. If report is found ok and director is satisfied that no further test is required, Director will send the report to central govt.
  8. If report is not ok, he send the report to the Lab to rectify the same and to carry further test and do the testing process again and submit the report.
  9. When director is satisfied with the report, he will recommend central government to issue the certificate.
  10. Central government may issue the certificate and authorize the director to authenticate the certificate on his behalf.
  11. A code number is assigned to each approved model and will be indicated on the certificate.


(IV) If any weight or measure cannot be taken to the laboratory

The recognized lab will undertake the testing at any premises where it may deem fit.

The applicant will bear the expenses for the duration of test, travelling and daily allowances of the persons engaged.

The applicant shall provide facility as required by the team.

Installation, test and removal of model will be done at the cost of the applicant.

Team / Lab/ Central Govt. is not responsible for any damage or loss during testing. 

(V) If any weight or measure is not taken back by applicant

If the applicant does not remove the model from the Lab even after 6 months from the date of approval or rejection, Central govt. will forfeit the model and dispose it off as it may think fit. 

(VI) Mark of approval

It contains national identification letters- IND

Last two digits of the year of issue

The code number assigned to the Lab

Code number assigned to the model.

Shall be affixed to the model and each weight or measure. If it cannot be affixed with the model, it may be associated with the certificate of approval.

(VII) Revocation of certificate of approval

  • Model previously approved, but no longer complies with the rules.
  • Any defects in reliability, accuracy or performance of the product.
  • Manufacturer is not following wholly or partly the conditions specified in the certificate. (He shall be given reasonable opportunity before revocation)
  • The manufacturer or any other person altered the approved design or circuit.

(VIII) Fees for testing of model of weight or measure

Rs. 5000 demand draft in favor of Lab

For testing of mechanical type model.

Rs. 10000 demand draft in favour of Lab

For testing of digital or electronic type model.

 *The applicant shall deposit half of the testing fees for testing of the substitute material.

 (IX) License to manufacture

The state govt. shall be satisfied that the certificate of approval is given by central govt. before issuing the license to manufacture.

If the certificate of approval is revoked by the central govt., the license issued by the state govt. will stand suspended.

 (X) Offences and penalties under LM act



Using of non-standard weights and measures

Fine up to Rs.25,000 or imprisonment up to 6months imprisonment or Both

Manufacturing and selling of non-standard weights and measures

Fine up to Rs.25000

Any alteration of weights to cheat any person (except any alteration done to correct the errors noticed)


Fine up to Rs.50,000 and Imprisonment of 6months to 1year.

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