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Government Approved Test Centers Under Legal Metrology


Under legal metrology, a government approved test center means a person who has been approved by the Central Government to undertake verification of weights or measures as specified under the Legal Metrology Government Approved Test Center Rules, 2013. There have been several government approved test centres by the central and state governments across India. There are also different centres for legal metrology in which training is provided to the legal metrology officers to deal with problems and conduct inspections as per the Legal Metrology Laws in India.

The Central Government has made various rules in order to exercise the powers conferred by sections given below:

  • Section 52 of subsection (1) read with clause (n), (o) and
  • Section 25 (2) clause (p) of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009. 

However, these rules may be called "legal metrology" Government Approved Test Centre Rules, 2013. At a government-approved test Centre, the officer-in-charge is known as the "Principal Officer" and the "Schedule" refers to the Schedule amended to these rules.  

Approval of Government Approved Test Centre Under LM

  1. The government-approved test centres under legal metrology are approved by the central government of India and the central government has laid down the General Provisions relating to the GATC. Further, there is a list of recognized government-approved test centres and the same is notified from time to time.
  2. As per the provision, the GATC shall maintain standard weights and measures as specified in the Legal Metrology General Rules, 2011.
  3. As per the provision, GATC has to maintain instruments and equipment as advised by the Director of Legal Metrology.
  4. On the recommendations of the International Organisation of Legal Metrology and advised by the Director of Legal Metrology from time to time.

What is the role of Approved Test Centers in the process of legal metrology?

  1. Government Approved Test Centers play an important role in the process of legal metrology. It also plays a very crucial role in reducing the burden of legal metrology officers by making the process and the entire procedure more efficient and easy.
  2. As there are various importance of legal metrology laws and GATC also plays an important role in providing a platform for microenterprises to grow.
  3. It is important to have an efficient procedure that encourages the industry stakeholders to get their certification on time, which will result in the increment of all industry standards.
  4. The government-approved test center will act as a private counterpart of the legal metrology office, with a principal officer responsible for the operation of the laboratory.
  5. The fee payable to the test center for verification or re-verification of weights and measures will be the same as specified in the legal metrology enforcement rules of that particular concerned state government approved test center.
  6. The center, upon carrying out the metrological evaluation of better weights or measures, on being satisfied that the same conforms to the specification laid down under the act and rules made thereunder, shall stamp the same and also issue the “Certification Of Verification”.
  7. Every government approved test center shall keep and retain records for at least for five calendar years for the purpose of evaluation of weights or measures carried out by that government approved test center.
  8. The principal officer of the department who is responsible for the test center shall be liable to the government for any damage claim or loss.

Certificate of Government Approved Test Center

  1. If the central government is satisfied, on the recommendation of the director of Legal Metrology, the certificate of the approved test center may be revoked.
  2. Any government approved test center who no longer complies with the provisions of the act and specified in the rules made under the act shall be liable for the revocation of the certificate of government approved test center.
  3. Any government approved test center who specifically violates the direction given by the director of legal metrology from time to time shall be liable for the revocation of its certificate of government approved test center.  
  4. Every order of revocation or suspension of a certificate of approval shall be duly notified to the government approved test centers and the general public.  
  5. Whenever the certificate for government test approved is revoked with immediate effect, the verification work shall be stopped by the government approved test centers immediately.
  6. If during the inspection it is found that the verification of any weights or measures is conducted, the director may by its order prohibit the use of such weights or measures and initiate the appropriate legal and penal action against the government approved test center.

The Rule of Government Approved Test Centers

The government-approved test centers under legal metrology can verify the weights and measures and their corresponding equipment as specified in the first schedule, which includes the following:

  1. Non-automatic weighing instruments of accuracy class 4 and class 3 up to 150 kilograms. 
  2. Weights of all categories
  3. Loaded cells
  4. Penalty for unverified weights and measures
  5. The usage of an unverified measure or weight involves a fine of Rs. 2000/-which may extend to Rs. 10,000/-for the first offence. However, in the case of a second or subsequent offence, the offender shall be punished with an imprisonment which may extend up to 1 year, along with a fine as per section 22 of the Legal Metrology Act. The same nature of penalties also exists for the usage of non-standard weights and measures.

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