The Legal Metrology Act, 2009 is applicable to all over India. The legal provisions, rules and regulations mentioned under the Act is applicable to the legal metrology office in Delhi, legal metrology office in Mumbai to Legal Metrology offices in India. Any manufacturer, importer, packer, dealer or seller who wishes to obtain the authorization for the smooth functioning of their trade and commerce must register themselves under the legal metrology laws of India. We at ELT Corporate are always there to assist our clients in need for any legal consultations, queries, registrations, license or any other related issue to legal metrology laws in India.

However, there come times when people need to make certain amendments or changes in their registration certificates after getting successful enrolment under the legal metrology act in India. Such changes may include change in name, address, documents relevant, licenses or any other issues that one can possibly face. For running a smooth business in India, every person dealing in legal metrology must ensure that they are having an authentic updated registration certificate and license to conduct any trade and commerce. This article is meant to especially impart knowledge and details to the manufacturers underlegal metrology in Mumbai. Many people face issues as to how they can amend legal metrology registration certificate in Mumbai. ELT Corporate with the help of its experienced professionals is here to render all the assistance and important details and procedure for making amendments in legal metrology registration certificate.

Any person who wishes to amend the registration certificate must follow the prescribed procedure stated by the Legal Metrology Department in Mumbai. To obtain the requestedamended registration certificate of a manufacturer, one must fill up the application form on the online link given on the portal of the legal metrology department in Mumbai, following which after the successful submission of all the supporting documents and the prescribed fees for the same, the applicant after the application form after gets the approval from the concerned authority can obtain an electronic copy of the registration certificate from the respective portal. The documents that have to be submitted for the amendments of registration certificateare certificate of registration of industry, registration under shops and establishments act, NOC from gram panchayat, registered partnership deed, registration certificate under the Companies Act and registration certificate.

Conclusion – Manufacture Registration Certificate in Mumbai

Obtaining registration certificate or making amendment to registration certificate of a manufacturer is all like a roller-coaster ride. But we at ELT Corporate makes it a smooth road to ride for our clients. Though our corporate office is Legal metrology office in Delhi, our legal metrology online services can be accessed by any person in any corner of the country. We are always at your service, feel free to reach out to us!

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