Directors Nomination Under Legal Metrology

Section 49(2) of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009, permits a company by way of order in writing to nominate anyone of its directors as the person to exercise all powers and take all necessary steps or expedient to prevent the commission by the company of any offence under this Act. The person shall be responsible in respect of establishment, branch or unit. A company may give notice to the Director or the Controller or the legal metrology officer.

Also, if a company has different units, establishments, or branch, different persons nominated for each unit will be responsible for that particular unit, establishment, or branch.

As per sub-section (7) of the Act, the company includes body corporates, firms, and associations of persons, whereas, directors with a firm means a partner in a firm.   

However, it must be noted that the above-mentioned person(s) shall reap the same benefits as by the nominated directors of the company. Further, section 49(7) keeps out all the nominated directors, honorary directors, and Govt. nominated directors from the list.

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