How to apply Legal Metrology Certificate: Delhi

How to apply Legal Metrology Certificate: Delhi

Date : 2021-05-12


Legal Metrology is a diverse law that covers packaged commodities, weight, and measure items. A few states like Delhi, Goa, Kerala, Karnataka, and many more have their personal rules applicable only in that particular area.

In this article, we would like to discuss the rules and regulations governing the Legal Metrology Department in Delhi. Then rules are called the (further named as “Act”) and it came into force on the 1st April 2011.

According to Section 53 read with clause (q) of section 2 of the Legal Metrology Act 2009, the Lt. Governor of the National Capital Territory of Delhi along with the Central Government made rules

Rules and Regulation:

According to Rule 11 of the Act any manufacturer/repairer/dealer in, weight, or measure items should make an application to issue a license/certificate to the Controller or other officer authorized to do so as per the appropriate form given.

However, a manufacturer does not need a repairer license/certificate to repair their own manufactured weight or measure items and used in a State other than the State of the manufacture of the same. Besides that, it is important that the manufacturer should inform the concerned legal metrology officer in advance about the repair.

The manufacturer/ repairer/ dealer shall make an application of renewal of license/ certificate within 30 days before the expiry of the validity of the license to the competent authority, in the appropriate form set out in Schedule II-B.

Also, the manufacturer, repairer, or dealer should apply for a legitimate license/certificate through the appropriate form given in Schedule–III.

Legal Metrology License Renewal - A license/ certificate issued in the name of the manufacturer, repairer, or dealer should be valid for a minimum period of one year and may be renewed for a period of one to five years by the competent authority along with necessary fee as specified in Schedule IV.

Every licensed or certified manufacturer/ repairer/ dealer under the Act and these rules shall keep tools/ equipment/ garage etc. according to the terms and conditions mentioned in the certificate.

Any licensed repairer shall furnish a security deposit for the license to the Government as mentioned in Schedule VI.

Also, a license/ certificate issued under the Act and these rules are neither saleable nor transferable.

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