How to obtain legal metrology licenses

How to obtain legal metrology licenses

Date : 2021-09-30


The Central Government has introduced Legal Metrology Act, 2009 proposing to safeguard the rights of the consumer and preventing business houses to deceit consumers. The registration with metrology Department of Consumer Affairs has been made mandatory for the sellers, importers, producers, distributors and so on. Legal Metrology India will guide you documents required for the registration for obtaining certificate and how registration should be done efficiently.
As per the rules, The Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011 (LMPC Certificate), every individual firm, Hindu undivided family, society, company or corporation who or which pre-packs or imports any commodity for sale, distribution or delivery shall make an application, accompanied by a fee of rupees 500, to the Director or Controller for the registration.

Registration of Companies

Registration of Companies as a manufacturer, importer, or packer of weighing and measuring instruments and devices is required under Legal Metrology. At Legal Metrology India we protect our professional colleagues from vigorous application and process the application effectively and efficiently. The Government of India has established a systematic procedure through an online portal. Different UT’s and States have online portals for registration.

Registration of Importer, Manufacturers and Packers

The Department of Consumer Affairs has framed stringent rules for the weighing and labelling instruments. All the labels and measuring instruments shall be in compliance with Legal Metrology (Packaged commodities) Rules, 2011.


There are various licenses defined under Legal Metrology and application procedures for obtaining specified licenses. For Legal Metrology Certification these procedures may include manufacturing, import, market and repair of measuring instruments and any other related equipment. At Legal Metrology India, we help our professional colleague to obtain licenses as per your requirement.
These are the following licenses required under Legal Metrology:
  1. License as a Manufacturer

  2. License as a Dealer

  3. License as a repairer

Model Approval

There are various approval falling under Legal Metrology, one must obtain approval from Central Legal Metrology Department. Various documents are required for obtaining Model Approval.

Essential documents required for Legal Metrology Registration:
1. List of Documents for Manufacturer:
  • Address and id proof of the promoters/directors/proprietor/partners, as the case may be,  of the applicant entity 

  • Photographs

  • Date of Birth certificates of  promoters/directors/proprietor/partners, as the case may be,  of the applicant entity 

  • Documents of ownership or tenancy of the proposed premises.

  • Map of the Location. Partnership deed, in case of partnership firms or constitution document of the applicant entity

  • Model approval certificate, issued by the Director, Legal Metrology, Government of India, if required under Legal Metrology General Rules, 2011 concerning proposed weighing and measuring instrument.

  • NOC from Pollution Control Board

  • List of machinery and tools.

  • An affidavit stating that the applicant would adhere to the legal provisions and the directions issued by the Controller.

  • An affidavit stating that the applicant had neither been punished by any Court nor is any criminal proceeding pending in any court.

  • Registration document of factory or shop, as the case maybe

  • Copy of VAT/CST/GST Registration

  • Copy of PAN

2. List of Documents for Repairer in Weights and Measures:
  • Identity proof.

  • Two Passport size

  • Certificate of Registration of Industry

  • NOC from Competent Authority.

  • Proof of ownership or lease agreement of the given premises.

  • Constitution of proprietorship or partnership firm. Certificate of Registration under the Companies Act along with a copy of the Article of Association and Memorandum of Association.

  • Copies of Appointment Letters along with photographs, qualification and experience  certificate of employees, if any;

  • List of Machinery, Tools, and Accessories along with its purchase bill.

  • Bill of test weights in case of a new Verification Certificate.

  • GST Registration Certificate.

  • Certificate of Professional Tax Registration

​3. License for Dealer in Weights and Measures:
  • Identity & Residential Proof.

  • Two Passport size.

  • Letter of Consent from the Manufacturer  

  • Manufacturing License in case you import weights & measures from outside the State.

  • Model Approval Certificate of weights and measures

  • Documentary proof of ownership / Lease agreement of Premises.

  • GST Registration / Professional Tax / Labor License

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