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About Legal Metrology License In India

Metrology is defined as a scientific study of Measurement. According to Legal Metrology Act 2009, a Legal Metrology Certificate is issued by Regulatory Authorities to an Individual or Business involved in the sale or distribution of Packaged Commodities.

It is also known as Legal Metrology Registration or Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity (LMPC) License. It certifies that measuring instruments work as per legal standards required for fair trade in commercial transactions.

Most of the businesses that work under the measurement & weighing products for consumers’ undergo inspection and testing to ensure that the equipment meets the legal standards. Once it passes the inspection process then, the individual/business shall receive a Legal Metrology Certificate.

LMPC License

Benefits Of Legal Metrology Certificate

Most consumers purchase the packaged products, which urges the need for accuracy in measurement & weight of any product. So, to create fair day-to-day trade practices between the trader & consumer, a Legal Metrology Certificate is essential.
An LMPC license ensures the following benefits:

Ensure Fair Trade For Consumer

Reduce Transaction Cost

Minimize The Risk Of Errors In Measurements

Enhance Business Reputation To Attarct Customers

Provide Legal Protection

Facilitate Global Trade

Legal Metrology India

Types Of Legal Metrology License

Under the Legal Metrology Act 2009, a manufacturer, a dealer or a retailer require a Legal Metrology License. This is mandatory for the sale of all kinds of packed goods that comply under LMPC Rules. The types of LMPC License are as follows:-

Manufacture License

You can apply for a Manufacturer Legal Metrology License under the LMI. The manufacturer license is valid for a minimum of one year. After that you must apply for the Legal Metrology Manufacturer License renewal.

Dealer License

You can apply for a Dealer License under the LDI. The license is valid for one year after that you have to apply for renewal. . If you are new in this industry then get the best Legal Metrology License Consultancy through ELT Corporate.

Importer License

You can apply for a Importer License under the LMI. The license is valid for Minimum one year. If you are new in this industry then get the best Legal Metrology License Consultancy through ELT Corporate.

Documents Required For LMPC Certificate

For the application of a Legal Metrology License, it is necessary to attach a few documents. You will find a list of documents needed to apply for legal metrology certificate:-

Process For Legal Metrology License In India

If you want to apply for LMPC certificate without any hectic issue then you can go with the below mentioned step or just connect with us:-

Process Of LMPC Registration

Legal Metrology Certification Services In India At ELT Corporate

We are specialized in providing the best legal metrology license services in India such as:-

Importer License

If you are willing to get Importer license at budget cost the you only have to know about it from the best Import License consultant provider.

Model Approval

Model Approval of any product while import & export is mandatory. So, for approval of model product you have to understand it first.

Legal Metrology Notice

If you are receiving legal metrology notice then tackle with them in formal way. We provide knowledge about how to tackle legal metrology notice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

LMPC (Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity) is a law in India that is meant to provide approval on the regulatory of packaged products or goods. The LMPC license is applicable for the food items, pharmaceuticals, and many other goods that are available pre-packed in the market.

The approval of Legal Metrology Certificate usually takes 20 days. But due to documentation error it will increase.

The object of the Legal Metrology Certificate In India are as follow:-

  • Fair trade
  • Consumer Protection
  • Regulation of Measuring Instruments
  • Inform about health & safety
  • Inform about Accuracy and Consistency

A Legal Metrology Certificate is a document approved by the government for the regulatory of pre packed commodity in the market. It helps to maintain the standards and measurement of good for consumer satisfaction.

The Legal Metrology Certificate is valid for one to five years

The type of LMPC Certificates are:-

  • Importer Certificate
  • Manufacturer Certificate
  • Packer Certificate

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