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We are team of experts that provide excellent legal metrology services in India. You can connect with us from any location, state, or country to let LMPC consultancy. We will make sure to solve your all queries and serve you with better results.​ We will assist you in providing the best legal metrology consultant services at a budget cost. Our expert team is always available for clients to solve all the queries. 

Our Services Of LMPC

Importer License

If you are willing to get Importer license at budget cost the you only have to know about it from the best Import License consultant provider.

Model Approval

Model Approval of any product while import & export is mandatory. So, for approval of model product you have to understand it first.

Legal Metrology Notice

If you are receiving legal metrology notice then tackle with them in formal way. We provide knowledge about how to tackle legal metrology notice.

Product Labelling Consultations

For the import & export of goods from one country or place to another product labelling is necessary and you have to understand about it by best consultant.

Manufacturing License

Before manufacturing any kind of product you have to approved it by getting manufacturing license. Here we are providing you manufacturing license registration in one click through online consultation.

LM Compliance Audit

To understand complex Legal Metrological Laws we have designed professional engagement of “Legal Metrology Compliance Audit” for the approval of goods.

Legal Metrology Registration Process​

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Filling Application

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Application Assessment

Step 4

Grant Of LMPC Registration

Frequently Asked Questions

Legal Metrology in India refers to the legal framework and regulation. It a process that govern measurements and measuring instruments used in trade and commerce. This will ensure the accuracy, transparency, and fairness of transaction included in goods and services. The aim of the legal metrology is to protect consumers and businesses from inaccurate measurements, misleading practices, and unfair trade practices.

If you are a importer, manufacturer, or packer of weighing and measurement products then it is necessary for you to take legal metrology registration certificate from department. It is important to do restriction free import and export of products.

Under the legal metrology you will find many services that requires registration for wright and measurement of products. In the below mentioned legal metrology registration is necessary:-

  • Model Approval
  • Packaged Commodity Registration
  • Import License
  • Dealership License
  • Product Stamping
  • Manufacturer License

The process of getting a legal metrology license is:

  1. Get application form
  2. Fill the application form
  3. Attach all the required documents and submit the form
  4. Wait for the processing of application
  5. Get the LMPC registration certificate

If you are worried about how to apply for the legal metrology import license then here we are to help you. We can perform many task on the behalf of yours. Activities such as:-

  • We will fill out your application.
  • Collection of sample of your products.
  • Submit the application
  • Associated documents to the Department.
  • Conduct a thorough follow-up
  • Check up on the progress of the application

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ELT Corporate is one of the best legal metrology certificate provider in india. Team of the company is very supportive and response is too good for the clients.
tushar chowdhury
The team of legal metrology in India is responsive for the users and provide the best counselling for the client. The virtual meeting response of the team is very appreciating.
Riya Tiwari
I recently chase for the Import license for my recent business and ELT corporate helps me lot in registration. The teamwork of each employee is excellent and they response very well.
Avishi Maurya
ELT Corporate is one of the fine and responsive legal metrology service provider. The team is very responsive and worth using due to its fair prices.
Aashmeeta Khanna
ELT corporate makes the documentation work very simple for the client and the consultancy they provide is very amazing. The response in minimum hours with best results.
Ritik Khanna

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