List of Objects and Establishments under Legal Metrology

List of Objects and Establishments under Legal Metrology

Date : 2020-10-21


Nowadays, the Department of Legal Metrology has been more attentive and prosecute all violators of the Legal Metrology Laws. In Big Cinemas v. Manoj Kumar, the National Consumer Redressal Commission directed the legal Metrology department to keep an eye on the lawbreakers. For your convenience, we present you a brief list of objects and establishments that fall under the ambit of the Legal Metrology Act:
  • Medical Equipment like Stents, oximeters, thermometers, etc.: The Legal Metrology Department has widened the scope of devices included under the Act and has started booking hospitals for not following the Packaged Commodities Rules, 2011. The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Agency has begun to tag MRP of a stent, which further led to the cost reduction of an angioplasty.  The Ministry of Consumer Affairs has started to include stents under the definition of a pre-packaged commodity.

  • LPG Cylinders: The Department of Legal Metrology Delhi has instructed all LPG gas agencies to ensure all delivery boys should carry weighing scales at the time of delivery or else strict action will be taken against them. Its main aim is to increase awareness amongst the consumers of the Packaged Commodity Rules, which states that the LPG cylinder must be weighed in front of the customers before the delivery is complete.

  • Petrol Pumps: As per, a senior STF official chips were planted in the dispensing machines that cut the outflow of fuel by 10%. In the chip scam, the role of the Department of Legal Metrology U.P. and state-owned oil companies was in the spotlight. The Delhi Chief Minister ordered inspection at petrol pumps and warned any outlet involved in cheating customers would be sealed.

  • Meters in Auto-Rickshaws and Cabs: The Legal Metrology Department of various States has booked many auto-rickshaws and cabs for violation of rules. Whereas, in Bengaluru, the department is planning on installing digital meters in cabs managed by aggregators like Uber and Ola. 

  • Cinemas Halls, Restaurants and Hotels: There are various hotels, cinema hall and restaurants have been booked by the Legal Metrology Department for overcharging on sale of Packaged Commodities.


The manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, and importers should be extra careful of whether their products/services are also falling under the Legal Metrology Act and Rules, and if so, whether or not they are in compliance and accord with the requirements of law.


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