Various Licenses & Registration Under Legal Metrology for Weight and Measure Items

Various Licenses & Registration Under Legal Metrology for Weight and Measure Items

Date : 2020-09-07

In India, rules, and regulations related to weight and measure comes under the supervision of the Department of Legal Metrology of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.

Every device meant for weighing, measuring, or scaling any object in a specific or metric or imperial scale comes under the purview of the Legal Metrology. No person shall manufacture, import, deal, or repair any weight or measure device without a valid license obtained from the Director of the Legal Metrology Department.

Rule 15 of the Legal Metrology (General) Rules, 2011 defines the registration as an importer of weighing and measuring devices. Any manufacturer or dealer who intends to import weight or measure devices should apply to the Director of the Legal Metrology through the Controller of the respective State where import of goods will be conducted.

The application is filed in schedule X under Rule 15 along with some documents and is obtained under Section 19 of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009. While applying, one should note that the application must be filed one month before the commencement of import. Every registration can be at least 1 year or a maximum of 5 years.

It is essential to obtain a manufacturing license from the Department of Legal Metrology for every individual, company, Hindu Undivided Family, society, or corporation who or which pre-packs or imports any commodity for sale, distribution, or delivery. However, approval of a model is important to obtain.

The license is valid from between one year to five years, and renewal of the license shall be filed within three months from the date of expiry.

Any person involved in trading and marketing of weights and measures should apply for a dealer license. In case, importer/manufacturer is willing to act as a dealer of the commodity, then it is mandatory to obtain both licenses i.e. dealer license and manufacturer/importer license.

Each state has different application fees and different timelines for approvals of the license, whereas the validity for a license is from a one-year minimum to a maximum of five years.

In case a dealer wants to trade or market his/her product in more than one state, it is the duty of the dealer to obtain a separate dealer license from each state.

A set rule has been defined by the Department of Legal Metrology for the people who repair and service weights and measures devices falling under the purview of the Legal Metrology.

An application for a repairer license is submitted to the State Legal Metrology along with application fees and essential documents. The license is valid for a minimum of one year and a maximum of five years.

Every person who pre-packs a product/commodity in a bottle, tin, wrapper, etc. in units for the purpose sale, is known as a Packer. Also, every Packer shall make an application accompanied by a fee of Rs. 500 to the Director or the Controller for registration under Rule 27 of Legal Metrology (Packaged) Commodity Rules, 2011. Any person who commences pre-packaging of any commodity shall apply for registration within ninety days from the date on which he or it commences such pre-packaging.

Advise by a Professional could be Wiser:

It might seem simple to apply for the above-mentioned licenses, however, even a minor mistake in the submission of documents and details might result in the cancellation of the application.

The above-mentioned licenses and registration are technical in nature, therefore you need Professional assistance to obtain them. Also, violation of rules and regulations of the Act is a criminal nature offence.  

Therefore, seeking advice from the professional is always wiser.


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Author : Rashi Chandok