Have you ever heard of the term “Legal Metrology General License” and wondered what it means? Then, Here is the guide for you. The General License is important approval by the regulatory bodies for importers, packers, & manufacturers. This license allows the public to interact in various activities. The General Legal Metrology License has so many advantages, Let’s get started and see everything related to the License.

Definition Of General Legal Metrology License

The General License of Legal Metrology is an official document that ensures that the packaged goods and Measuring device meets all Legal Metrology requirements. Moreover, it is published by a government-authorized entity. 

What are The Requirements Of a Legal Metrology General License?

These are the requirements for General Legal Metrology License:- 

  • Eligibility – You have to qualify the rules established by the licensing body before applying for a General license. This often entails reaching a particular age, possessing proof of residency, and fulfilling any further requirements specified by the licensing authority. 
  • Training – As required by the licensing body, you might have to finish a specific degree of schooling or training. This might require completing a particular course of study, doing well on tests, or getting real-world experience in the industry.
  • Process Of Application – To obtain a General License, you must finish the application process. Usually, this brings out completing paperwork, supplying proof of identification and credentials, and paying any applicable costs.
  • Background – Authorising authorities need background checks to ensure, that a person was not involved in any unlawful activity.
  • Education Continuing – You should take part in continuing education or training after receiving your General License to keep it. By doing this, you can be sure that you are aware of any modifications or breakthroughs in your sector, or of specific offenses that would prevent you from being granted a license.

It’s crucial to check the official website of the pertinent licensing organization or regularity agency for particular requirements in your jurisdiction. These websites frequently include comprehensive details on the requirements for acquiring a General License, including eligibility requirements, application procedures, and other requirements.

Process For General License of Legal Metrology

Here are the steps to apply for the General License in Legal Metrology:-

Part 1 – Take the application form 

  • Directly visit the main website of the LM department in the preferred state
  • Download Application 
  • Check “form is current version”

Part 2 – Fill the application

  • Fill in all the needed details
  • In the first, LM-1 form can be applied

Part 3 – Submit the Payment

  • Submit complete cost

Part 4 – Will be “Reviewed and Confirmed”

  • Representative will examine 

Part 5 – License Issued

  • License will be issued by the LM Department

What Documents Are Required For General Legal Metrology Registration?

To apply general license for legal metrology it is necessary to attach a few documents. If you miss any of the documents then your application must be cancelled or suspended. So, If you do not want to face this issue then attach the below-mentioned documents with the application form:-

  • CIN No.
  • GST Registration Certificate
  • Labor Permit
  • Evidence Of The Installed and Approved power load
  • Professional Tax Certificate
  • PAN Card 
  • Manufacture Premise’s Site Plan
  • Identity Documents Of Promoter
  • Product Details
  • Trademark Registration Certificate
  • Financial documents

What is an OFAC General License?

With a generic license, a class of people can engage in a certain kind of transaction without applying for a license. A written license that is granted by OFAC to a specific individual or organization in response to a written Licensing application is known as a specific license.

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What is the Validity Period Of General Legal Metrology License?

A general license in legal metrology might be valid for one to five years, depending on the jurisdiction and the rules that apply in that particular area.

About Renewal Of General License

The user must follow the given procedure, do submit the renewal application to the portal anyhow under 30 days before the expiry date.

How Much Does a General License Cost?

The cost of a general license in legal metrology varies depending on the jurisdiction and specific regulations in place.

What are the Eligibility criteria for General Legal Metrology Registration?

Individuals do have an available physical location and a certificate from the director of legal metrology for all kinds of weights and measurements, the place should meet the required minimum space, the warehouse or office must be on a ground level or in the basement, secure tools, machinery, testing supplies.

Note – always check if you have capable and skilled staff.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who issues the General License?

A General License is issued by the Department Of Legal Metrology, under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs Food and Public Distributions.

What is an Import Licence in India?

So, import Licenses are used to discriminate against the goods of another nation to shield a home industry from international competition, they are seen as non-tax obstacles to commerce.

What is the meaning of a General Licence?

It is an official license that verifies the measuring device and packaging goods adhere to legal metrology criteria. It is required by Packers, Importers, and makers of weighing and measuring items.

What is the open General License?

The export license that the government grants to domestic providers is known as the open General License. There are three categories of goods that India must export. They are limited, forbidden, and freely importable goods.