Manufacturer License Of Weight & Measure Items

The Legal Metrology Act was established to enforce standards of weight and measure and other goods which are sold or distributed by way of measuring to regulate trade and commerce in weight & measure. As we all are aware that in today’s world measurement is a part of our daily lives, as we control and check the speed of vehicles while driving so that we can ensure safety and save ourselves from road casualties. We buy suitable products only after measuring their weight such as fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, etc. is also a part of the measurement only.

The volume of fuel is required to run a car is also a measurement and the medical checks to ensure the health is also the part of the measurement which tells that all of our deals with the measurement of the commodity on regular basis in our day-to-day life in one or the other way but most of us are not aware that all these things are the part of the measurement.

Any person who is a manufacturer, dealer, repairer, or importer is dealing in the way to measure and selling the products or any kind of weight or measure or commodity in the Indian market needs a proper license to sell such commodity in the market.

Manufacturing License Under Section 23 of Legal Metrology

  1. Section 23 of the Act prohibits the manufacturing, repairing, and sale of weight or measure without a license.
  1. No person is allowed to repair, sell, offer, expose or possess, or manufacture for sale or repair of any weight or measure without having a license issued by the Controller under the Act.
  1. As per section 23 of the Act, the license is issued by the controller in such a form and manner, with some conditions, for the prescribed, and only for the area of jurisdiction after the payment of fees prescribed under the act.


Weight and Measurement License for Manufacturer, Importer, and Repairer

Every person who is dealing as a manufacturer, importer, repair, or dealer, has to take the license to sell, manufacture, and import or repair such commodity. Every manufacturer has to apply with the Controller Legal Metrology or any other officer as may be authorized by him in this regard.

The application has to be filed in an appropriate set of forms prescribed under schedule II-A, which says that the manufacturer need not to take the license to repair the weight or measure which is manufactured by him and the same is used in the state other than the state where he has manufactured such commodity but the manufacturer must inform the concerned Legal Metrology officer about the repairing of the commodity.

Schedule VI of Legal Metrology Act

The non-tribal paper, dealer, and all manufacturer whomsoever operate their business in the VI scheduled areas of Meghalaya have to apply for the trading license from their respective autonomous District Council of this state of Meghalaya.

Schedule II-b of Legal Metrology Act

Under these schedule II-B of the Act, the manufacturer, dealer, or repair of weight and measure have to make a renewal application to the Controller Legal Metrology or any other officer prescribed by him in this regard for the renewal of license, and the application shall be made within 30 days before the expiry of the validity of the license.

Schedule III of Legal Metrology Act

Under schedule III of the act, the appropriate form is prescribed for the license to any repairer, dealer, or manufacturer of the weight or measure.

The license shall be issued by the controller or any other officer authorized by him.

Schedule IV of Legal Metrology Act

  1. The fee for the license of manufacturing, repairing, or importing the weight or measure shall be made in a prescribed amount specified in schedule IV of the Act.
  1. Any alteration which is likely to be made in the license or in case of the issuance of a duplicate license the fee shall be 1/2 of the license fee as given under schedule IV of the Act.
  1. Renewal of a license can be done within three months from the date of expiry of the license.
  1. Where the controller permits the applicant to make an application for renewal of license, the additional fee specified in schedule IV Shelby is born by the applicant.

Schedule V of Legal Metrology Act

  1. The Controller or director has to maintain the register of a licensed manufacturer, repairer, and dealer, as prescribed under Schedule V of the Act.
  1. No manufacturer, repairer, or dealer, is allowed to resale or transfer the license to any other person under the act.

Schedule VI of Legal Metrology Act

  1. Under schedule VI every repairer who is getting the license to repair the commodity under the act is bound to furnish a security deposit for each license to the state government.
  1. In compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the license every repairer, dealer, or manufacturer shall maintain the equipment, registers, tools, workshop, etc. of the weight or measure.

Manufacturer License Validity and Fee

A license to a repairer, dealer, or manufacturer shall be valid for a period not less than one calendar year. Later on, which may be renewed for a period of one year which may extend up to five years.

How to Apply for a License for a Manufacturer?

Every applicant shall submit the prescribed documents and information to the controller or director, offices of the legal metrology in a prescribed form (Form LM-1).

The following documents are required to apply for the license of the manufacturer:

  1. Two passport size photographs of the applicant
  1. From competent authority
  1. Identity proof of the applicant
  1. Employee copies of appointment letter
  1. Passport size photographs of employees
  1. Qualification and experience certificate of employees (if any)
  1. Document proof of ownership of the applicant
  1. Certificate of Registration of industry
  1. Constitution in case of partnership firm or sole proprietorship
  1. Registered document in case of company register certificate under Companies Act
  1. Copy of memorandum of association, and
  1. Article of association in case of the registered company.
  1. Model approval certificate
  1. GST registration certificate
  1. Valid labor license
  1. Tools, accessories, and machinery list with their purchase bill
  1. Professional tax registration certificate
  1. Test weights purchase bill in case of new verification Certificate

Documents Required for License of Repairing Weight and Measure

Every applicant who is a repairer has to apply for the prescribed form (Form-LR-1) along with the following documents:

  1. Two passport size photographs
  1. From competent authority
  1. Identity proof
  1. Document proof of ownership
  1. Certificate of Registration of industry
  1. Constitution in case of proprietorship or partnership firm
  1. Memorandum of association and article of association in case of the company
  1. Copy of employees’ appointment letters along with their photographs
  1. Purchase bills of machinery, accessories, and tools
  1. GST registration certificate
  1. In case of new verification certificate test weight purchase bills are required
  1. Professional tax registration certificate
  1. Valid labor license

Documents Required for Renewal of License

Every applicant has to make an application under the prescribed form (Form LM-2) along with the following documents for the renewal of the license:

  1. Original manufacturer license
  1. Professional tax registration
  1. GST registration
  1. Verification certificate of test weight
  1. Labor license
  1. The valid trading license in case of non-tribal
  1. Original repairer license in case the applicant is a repairer
  1. Original dealer license in a case where the applicant is a dealer.
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