Weight & Measuring Instrument

Importer Registration

Are you willing to get Import Registration license then you have to to know it before applying online.

Model Approval

Model Approval certificate issues to manufacturer and importer for approving the weight and measurement products.

Dealer License

For the free sale of any product in India dealer license is necessary and here we are providing you best services of dealer license in india.

Repairer License

Get the repairer license at a budget cost with the help of legal metrology consultant provider in India at a budget cost. 

Manufacturing License

For manufacturing any product your need manufacturing license. Know about it from the experts of LMPC.

Registration for Manufacture

Any weights or measures used in India needs to be in accordance with the matric system of Indian.

Packaging & Labeling Rules

Packer & Manufacturer Registration

Under the rule, every packer/manufacturer/importer of the pre-packed commodity rules does require Packer Registration.  

LMPC / Importer Registration

LMPC is packaging law in India, meant to regulate the packaging requirements of the pre-packaged commodity sale or distribution in India

Product Labelling Consultations

LM Packaging Rules (LMPCR), 2011, are the major regulation in India that controls the legality of labelling information on the packaging.

Approval For Change In Labelling Information

LMPCR is consumer law which works for the protection of consumers. Any industry dealing with Pre-Packaged Commodities.

Compliance Services

Directors Nomination

Section 49 of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 allows the user to nominate any person as responsible for the conduct of the business.

Custom Clearance NOC

It is essential to know about how to write NOC for custom clearance in India if you are willing to do this easily. ELT Corporate will help you.

LM Compliance Audit

To understand complex Legal Metrological Laws we have designed professional engagement of “Legal Metrology Compliance Audit”

Scientific and Technical Services

GATC Lab Set-Up

GATC means a person who has been approved by the Central Government to undertake verification of weight or measure. To know about it in depth just explore the services.

Lab Testing, Stamping & Verification

Lab testing calibration, stamping & verification of the products for LM in India is mandatory for the importer & exporter.

OIML Certification

The idea of OIML is to ensure that certification of measuring devices in one country is compatible with another country.

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