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Before doing registration of any company we have to understand the basic criteria of it. So here we have conducted the information about what is LMPC certificate and registration. Most of the time we don’t understand the requirement of importer registration under legal metrology. So let’s dive into this and understand the basic requirements & importance of the LMPC Certificate.

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Importance Of Legal Metrology In Modern Import & Export Trade

LMPC Certificate is necessary to regulate the import, sales & pre-packed commodities in India. You will find many pre-packaged commodities in the market with a predetermined quantity. So for the Pre packed commodity in the market legal metrology certification is required. The commodity that is packed in the absence of consumers is known as a pre-packed commodity. Registration under the Legal Metrology Act 2019 establishes a strong impression and consumer awareness. It is also necessary to reduce the unfair trade practices on such kinds of pre-packaged commodities. Below mentioned are the importance of Legal Metrology registration:-

Easier Management Of Inventory For Manufacturers

The practice of correct measurement of commodities helps the manufacturer to keep management of inventory. With this, a manufacturer can understand the availability of stock, and fraud activities, and help in managing all the inventories.

Eliminate The Risk Of Disputes

When you pack the goods under the legal metrology certification it will reduce the risk of disputes with consumers. 

Helps In the Estimation Of Government Revenue

Measurement of goods and commodities plays a vital role in the collection of excise and customs duties. This revenue plays a vital role in government income.

As we all know excise duty is imposed on the products that are manufactured within a country. Custom duty is imposed on the goods that are imported from any other country. So these measurements of goods & commodities help to get a full-fledged estimation of government revenue.

What Is LMPC Registration?

The full form of the LMPC certificate is the Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities Certificate. LMPC certificate is a mandatory requirement if you are willing to import pre-packaged goods.

LMPC is packaging law legal metrology registration in India, meant to regulate the packaging requirements of the pre-packaged commodity sale or distribution in India. Food items, pharmaceutical items or any other items may have specialized requirements in their governing act say pharmaceutical products have to follow additional requirements given under the Drugs & Cosmetics Act, of 1940. Any importer that imports any pre-packaged commodities to distribute or sell, then he needs to apply legal metrology for import registration. This is mentioned under Rule 27 of the Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities Rules (LMPC Rules), 2011. 

Under this registration, the importer needs to inform the government about “what pre-packed products he shall be importing in India”. The technical name of the LMPC registration is “Importer Registration under Rule 27”, some people call it “Legal Metrology Certificate”, and some call it “Importer Registration under Legal Metrology ”.  Since this registration is required under the LMPC Rules, 2011 the customs authority popularly called it “LMPC Certificate”. To get this license without any trouble you can apply LMPC certificate online. This will enhance the import & export of goods.

Why Do I Require LMPC Registration?

The Legal Metrology Pre-Packed Commodity Registration is mandatory for the importers of every pre-packed commodity. The compliance of packaging commodity rules has to be done before the goods are imported in India. Under these rules, importers have to ensure that certain mandatory declarations are made on the pre-packed commodities.

Vide DGFT’s notification No. RE-44 of the year 2000, the customs authorities were empowered by the Government to check whether the legal metrology compliances by the importers have been fulfilled or not, any non-compliance by the Importer under Legal Metrology may lead to the stoppage of the import shipment, which makes it crucial to the importers to obtain the legal metrology registration well before any imports.

How To Apply For LMPC Certificate Online? 

With the help of many platform guidance, you can apply for the legal metrology certificate in India online. But, here we are to help you through the information and personal LMPC registration consultancy to apply for the Import. By using this guidance you can apply for LMPC Certificate for import. Simply follow the steps and apply for a Legal Metrology packer license In India:-

    • Fill The Application Form – To apply for an LMPC certificate you have to fill out the application form. We will help you fill out the form on your behalf.
    • Paperwork & Documentation – Collect all the required papers and documents that are necessary to attach with the application form the submit to the appropriate department.
    • Verification Of Department – Once the documents are submitted the concerned department will verify all those documents. You have to pay the mentioned fee for the verification.
    • Download LMPC Certificate Online – Once your application is approved you can download the LMPC certificate online.

    What Are The Responsibilities Of an LMPC Certified Manufacturer Or Importer?

    If you are LMPC certified importer or manufacturer then it become your responsibility to declare the following thing on the products:-

      • Name & Address Of the Importer & Manufacturer
      • General Name Of Good In The Package
      • Total quantity With the standard unit of measurements
      • MRP (Maximum Retail Price)
      • Date Of Import & Manufacturing
      • Country Of Import
      • Size and dimension of goods
      • Expiry Date
      • Consumer Complaint Contact Number 

      All the mentioned declarations can be made on the packed commodity in any language Hindi or English. But it is mandatory to mention it on the packet of packed commodities.

      If you are violating legal metrology act rules then you have to pay a fine of ₹ 4,000. 

      On the other hand, if any of the imports apply for an LMPC certificate post 90 days of import then you have to pay a late fee for that. So when you go for an lmpc certificate in customs you have to keep these points in mind.

      How Do I Get a Legal Metrology Certificate For Import?

      To get the registration of legal metrology certificate you have to go with the simple process as mentioned below:-

        1. Log in to the official website
        2. Move to the section applying for an LMPC Certificate.
        3. Check all the details and upload all required documents.
        4. Review the details & submit the form.

        Sometimes it becomes complicated to do for new users. So they can hire the best legal metrology registration provider at a budget cost.

        What Documents Are Required For LMPC Registration?

        To obtain valid Legal Metrology certificate you will be required to support your application along with the required documents which are listed below: –

          • Copy of the tax registration of the business.
          • Copy of the local municipal license.
          • Import and Export Code (IEC)
          • PAN of the Firm.
          • PAN and AADHAR of the promoters.
          • Business Address proof.
          • List of names of Products to be covered under the License.
          • Samples of the Package of your products.
          • Inspection may be there by concerned Authorities.

          Please note the above list is indicative, each state may have its own specific requirement.  In case of difficulty in arranging any documents or any confusion in drafting of application, you may contact our legal experts and may avail yourself of professional help as we have one of the best Legal Metrology Consultants on our board.

          What Is The Online Application For an LMPC Certificate? – Format & Cost

          As we all know, the digital India concept is too vast and most of the activities we perform are on online platforms. So, here you will get to know about how you can apply for an LMPC certificate online.

            • You can apply for the LMPC certificate through the online portal of the respective states.
            • To complete the procedure of LMPC for importer, manufacturer, or packer has to submit a nominal fee of ₹500.
            • After the application, the registration authority reviews your application and all the documents.
            • The normal review time of the process will be 20 to 30 days.
            • Later they will grant you a legal metrology certificate.

            Do I Need To Register As An Importer Under Legal Metrology?

            Yes, If you are willing to work as an importer of pre-packed commodities then LMPC registration of Importer is necessary. This will increase the trust in your goods and pre-packed commodities.

            Difference Between Legal Metrology Certificate & LMPC Certificate

            Any certificate of approval or registration under the provisions of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 is called a legal metrology certificate. LMPC Certificate is one kind of legal metrology certificate.

            Any certificate of registration granted under the Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity (LMPC) Rules,2011 is commonly called an LMPC Certificate. Alternatively, people also call it a Legal Metrology Certificate LMPC License or LMPC Registration Certificate, etc.

            The Legal Metrology Certificates can be categorized into two parts: –

            1. Legal Metrology Certificates / Registrations / Licenses issued for the sale, import, manufacturing, repair, and distribution of any weighing and measuring items in India, granted under the Legal Metrology Act, 2009.
            2. Legal Metrology Registrations / Certificates / Licenses issued for the imports, packaging, and manufacturing license of any pre-packed commodity in India, granted under the Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities Rules (LMPC Rules), 2011.

            What To Do If Good Stuck In Custom Authorities And They Are Asking For LMPC?

            Many importers have this question in their mind, that they have been importing for many years and they were never asked for an LMPC Certificate. The requirement of the LMPC Certificate is not new, but the law was already enacted way back and the customs authorities had also got the power in the Year 2000 vide notification No. RE-44.  Before the introduction of faceless assessment, the custom house agents could able to manage the clearance of the shipments by meeting them physically with the concerned officers & convincing them in one or another way but at present after the introduction of faceless assessment, the requirement of LMPC cannot be done away with as once the query for the requirement of the Certificate, the only possible option left with the importer is to provide the copy of the certificate and then only the clearance of the shipment shall be possible.

            Now in such a case when a query of an LMPC Certificate is raised by the concerned officer then you should Immediately Apply LMPC Certificate, you can try to convince the customs officer by submitting the proof of submission of the application for LMPC or you can ask our custom agent to arrange the clearance of goods by filing the bill of entry u/s 49 of the Customs Act, 1962. By filing a bill of entry u/s 49 you shall be able to clear the goods in a custom bonded warehouse, once you obtain the final registration you can find a bill of entry u/s 47 for clearance for home consumption, and finally the goods will be at your place.

            What Are The Different Kinds Of LMPC Certificates?

            There are two kinds of LMPC registrations under the Legal Metrology Pre-Packed Commodity Rules, 2011.

            1. LMPC Importer Registration under rule 27: This registration shall be required by you if you are importing the Pre-Packed Commodities and selling them in India without any further Packaging and Labeling activity.
            2. LMPC Packer & Manufacturer Registration under rule 27: This registration shall be required by you if you are manufacturing and packing the goods or you are getting manufactured goods from a third party and getting it packed in your own brand.

              How Can I Get an LMPC Certificate? 

              To apply for an LMPC certificate you have to follow a simple procedure or you can connect with the best legal metrology certificate provider in India. This one is the effective way to get an LMPC certificate effectively.

              What Is The Legal Metrology Certificate’s Validity?

              The numerous Licenses / Registrations under Legal Metrology have varying periods of validity. Since each state in India has its own set of Legal Metrology Enforcement Laws, each state has chosen its own rules governing the license’s validity length, renewal process, and so on. The certificate granted by the Central Government is valid for a lifetime; it will be a one-time process for you until you require any changes to the Certificate.

              What If I Failed To Obtain LMPC Registration Within The Prescribed Period Of Time?

              The registration must be applied within 90 days from the date when the import has been commenced. If you fail to obtain the registration within the prescribed time period you may face penalties to be imposed on each Director in the case of your company upon partners in the case of a partnership firm and upon proprietor in the case of a proprietary firm

              What Declarations Are To Be Made In Commodities Sold In Packaged Form? 

              Under the packaged commodity rules, certain mandatory declarations like country of origin, manufacturer name and address, importer address, month and year of manufacturing, month and year of import, etc. have to be made. The scope of declarations to be made on pre-packed commodities varies from product to product; say declarations to be made on food products will be different from the non-food items. Further other aspects may also need to be taken care of like font size, numeral size, standard unit use for the measurement of the product, labeling compliances in the case of e-commerce websites, etc. Contact our experts to Avail Labelling Consultation. 

              What Are The Compliances That Need To Be Done After The LMPC Registration?

              Under the packaged commodity rules of LMPC registration, some of the mandatory declarations are:-

                • Country of origin
                • Manufacturer name and address,
                • Importer address,
                • Month and year of manufacturing,
                • Month and year of import

                Latest Amendments Under The Legal Metrology Package Commodity Rules, 2011

                On 2nd November 2021, the Government notified certain amendments under the Legal Metrology Package Commodity Rules, 2011 which shall be effective prospectively from the 1st April 2022. Under the said amendments the Government has brought up provisions under the Law to increase transparency for the consumer of the products.  These amendments have led to the industry making the necessary changes to the labels of the packaging of their products.  Contact our experts to Avail Labelling Consultation.

                Click Here to see a sample copy of the LMPC Certificate

                Further Services We Are Offering With Legal Metrology Certificate

                We provide a specialist service to our clients who are subject to Legal Metrological Laws. The following services are available to you:

                1. Consultations on packaging and labeling
                2. Audit of Legal Metrology Compliance
                3. Nomination for your company’s board of directors
                4. Legal metrology perspectives on e-commerce compliance
                5. BIS Certifications, EPR plastic waste certifications, EPR e-waste certifications, Pollution Board Certifications, Wireless WPC ETA certifications, Telephone Equipment Certifications (TEC), Medical Device Registrations, Drugs and cosmetic Licenses, Electronic Vehicle (EV) iCAT Certifications, Central Insecticide Board (CIB) registrations, Plant & Quarantine Registrations
                6. Consultancy on Import and Export Regulatory Requirements, Customs Appeals and Litigations, and DGFT Consultancy
                7. Trademarks, Designs, Patents, and Copyrights are all examples of intellectual property.

                Frequently Asked Questions

                Is The LMPC Import License Certification Mandatory?

                Yes, according to the rule of 27 Legal Metrology Act, it is mandatory to have a license. The rule is enacted by the Department of Consumer Affairs. Legal Import License Certification is mandatory for companies that are importing pre-packed commodities in India.

                What Is The Purpose Of LMPC Import License?

                LMPC import license certification is mandatory for businesses to expand their business overseas and import pre-packaged commodities easily.

                What Laws Are To Be Followed For the Applicable of LMPC Import License Certification?

                LMPC import license certification rules, regulations, and laws followed under the Legal Metrology Act, of 2009. The amendments are the same for all but however, but in a few states, the amended laws are a bit different according to their state requirements.

                At What Time You Can Apply For LMPC Certificate For Importation?

                You have to apply 90 days prior to the approval of the LMPC certificate to initiate the process of importation of the pre-packaged goods.

                What Is The Validity Of LMPC Import License Certification?

                The LMPC import license certification is valid for a maximum of 5 years which is 60 months and a minimum of 1 year which is 12 months.