The Legal Metrology Act was enacted in the year 2009, it established and enforced (1st April, 2011) standards of weights and measures, regulating trade and commerce in weights, measures and other goods. The Legal Metrology Department is regulated by the Consumer Affairs and Food and Public Distribution Ministry. Every manufacturer, packer, dealer or importer needs to obtain a valid Legal Metrology registration in India.

Objectives of the Act:

The Act went into effect with the following goals:
* To control weights and measures trade and commerce
* Establishing and enforcing weight and measurement standards
* Weights, measurements, or numbers are used to control the manufacturing, sale, and usage of commodities.
* To rationalise the Metric system (metres, kilogrammes, and so on) for usage in India.

Recent Changes:

Any person who uses a weight or measure in a transaction or for protection must submit the weight or measure for verification at the following locations:
* At the legal metrology officer’s office at the state of manufacturing, state of import, or site of installation
* The legal metrology official in the state where the weight or measure is used must re-verify and stamp it at regular intervals.
* Weights and measurements that are utilised by industries for internal purposes and have no effect on the quantity provided to the customer do not need to be re-verified.
* Declarations are needed on all web portals.
* If a package includes a commodity, the ‘Best before’ or ‘Use by’ Date, month, and year must be clearly marked.


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