A Registration of a company as a manufacture, importer or packer of weighing and measuring instruments and devices to be done under legal metrology act. Government agency prescribed online procedure for registration of a respective company. We ELT Corporate help you to get Legal Metrology Registration Certificate.

Registration of Importer

An importer of measuring instruments needs to register itself to obtain the Certificate of Registration of importer of weights and measures. The application of registration is filed in schedule X. The Registration of an importer remain effective for a period of five years.

Registration of manufacturer, importer, and packer

The Department of Consumer Affairs has formulated rules and regulation of labelling of weighing and measuring instruments complied with the legal metrology rules 2011 and 2017.We assist importers /manufacturers and packer with new registrations as well as renewals of the existing license.


Legal Metrology defined specific license and application procedure relating to weighing and measuring instrument and devices.

Licenses are as follows:

We ELT Corporate, we help our clients in obtaining Legal Metrology License Online.

Legal Metrology overview –

Legal metrology has definate and stringent rules and regulation related to weighing and measuring device. An importer, dealer, repairer obtain a valid license from legal metrology department.

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