LMPC Certificate In Customs

Legal Metrology is scientific and technical law which is not easy understandable by common man, the people often miss the provisions of the law or either mistook them which leads to non-compliance followed by penalties and punishments.  At ELT Corporate, being pioneer of Legal Metrological Laws we understand the specialized need of the industry for the guide the one who can advise, consult and help them to implement the law.

What is Legal Metrology Auditing Service all about?

To bridge the gap of complex Legal Metrological Laws and its lack of understanding, we have designed specialise professional engagement of “Legal Metrology Compliance Audit” wherein we will be doing the complete health check-up of your business from the perspective of Legal Metrology and will advise the way forward with necessary rectifications, consultations and Legal planning. 

Indicative list of areas that we cover under the Legal Metrology Audit 

To address the quest of our clients, herein below an indicative list of areas that we cover under the Legal Metrology Audit: 

  • Verification of Product and package?compliances in accordance with?LMPC rules?? 
  • Verification of Manufacturing?compliances?? 
  • Verification of Dealer?compliances?? 
  • Verification of existing licenses and related documents under?LM?? 
  • Verification of Other complete?compliances under?LMPC?? 
  • Verification of Warehousing registration/ license?? 
  • Review of E-Commerce?Compliance?? 

Activities under Audit  

  • Under Legal Metrology (numeration) rules, 2011, checking for manner in which number shall be written?? 
  • Legal Metrology (approval of model) rules, 2011 to check if model is duly approved by the authorities?? 
  • Verification and stamping of weight and measure under?LM?act 2009?? 
  • Statutory declarations on products?? 
  • Compliance related to principal display panel (PDP)?? 
  • Compliance?of imports under?LM?? 
  • Warehouse inspection?? 
  • Implementation of multi state sales under?LM?and presence of multistate warehouses and its related legal problems?? 
  • Compliances of weight or measurement of goods?? 
  • LM (national standards) rules, to check for base standards such as mass, volume, length etc.?? 
  • Mock inspection to aware the employees and store managers about?LM?compliances?? 
  • Verification of manufacturing and printing of labels?? 
  • Advisory related to penal provisions?

Extend Support after Audit

After the detailed Audit, our team helps the clients with extended Support & General Advisory so that our valuable client should able to successfully adept the transition from non-compliance to a successful compliance.  Our experts are available on remote and in person as per the need of the client but in any case, we make sure that client derives the value and satisfaction and should able to negate the business’s legal risk.