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Apply For LMPC Certificate Online

How To Apply LMPC Certificate Online 2024?

It is essential to understand How to apply for an LMPC certificate online. Under the Legal Metrology Act 2009 section 19, an LMPC certificate is necessary for trade & business in India. All the importers must import any kind of weight & measure the product into movement.

Before knowing about how to apply for an LMPC certificate online let’s know about a few basic terms that help you to understand its importance & documentation.

What Is an LMPC Certificate?

LMPC stands for Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity. It is a necessary certification for the importer of India to import pre-packed goods easily. It complies with rule 27 under the consumer affairs LMPC rules. If you are willing to import any kind of packed commodities of good then it is required to submit the LMPC certificate online before 90 days to start the process of importing. 

Under the Legal Metrology Act 2009, a few rules, regulations, and laws are mentioned that are necessary to be followed for LMPC certification. Several states have enhanced the rule book of LMPC to fulfill the objectives of state requirements.

Who Can Apply For LMPC Certificate Online?

LMPC registration or certification can be applied by the manufacturer, importers, distributors, or retailer of packed goods. Anyone can apply for this certificate such as an individual, firm, company, or organization. The LMPC license applies to the following products or commodities:- food items, cosmetics, medical devices, household products, and any other item that is going to be sold in the market in Pre-packed form. 

Under the Legal Metrology Act 2009, the rules are framed for the better regulation of weight and measures used in the trade of commerce. The act is designed for the packed commodities. The act mentioned a few mandatory points that are necessary to mention on the packed goods. The mandatory points you have to mention include net quantity, labeling, and declaration of statutory information.

The following entities can apply for the LMPC certificate & registration:-


Manufacturers of the packed commodity can apply for the registration and certification for the goods for better regulation across India.


Importers have to apply for the LMPC importer license to import pre-packed commodities. To ensure the act mentioned in the rule book of the Legal metrology.


Those who are involved in the activity of distributing pre-packed goods can apply for registration & certification.


The retailer who sells packaged commodities products in the market for consumers can apply for the LMPC certificate online. This will ensure that the products they are selling comply with the LMPC Act.

What Are Pre-Packed Goods?

Pre-packaged goods are the goods that are packed and sealed before becoming available for consumers. The consumers are not allowed to use or taste these products before purchase. The benefit of these products is no one can manipulate the quantity and masses of the products.

Pre-Packaged Product List

  • Dried Fruits
  • Soups
  • Dried Vegetables
  • Energy Drinks
  • Energy Bars
  • Breakfast Cereals
  • Frozen Meals
  • Flavored Yogurt Varieties
  • Canned Jams
  • Butter
  • Fruit Cocktails
  • Numerous Others
  • Cement
  • Chemical Wires
  • Wool
  • Paint
  • Refrigerators

Importance Of LMPC Certificate For Packaged Goods

The Legal metrology certification helps consumers to ensure all commerce trade of goods on national and international levels. Almost all the goods in the market are pre-packaged and require legal metrology certification for the satisfaction of consumers. On the pre-packaged good few things are necessary to mention to ensure the health and gain the trust of the consumer. For Example, the date of manufacturing and expiry to know about the freshness of the good could not affect the health of the users. So, for this legal metrology certificate is very crucial:-

  • The LMPC certificate aims to protect the consumer from fraudulent practices such as being underweight and inaccurate measurements.
  • A legal metrology certificate ensures that the product meets the standard, enhancing its reliability & safety.
  • LMPC registration ensures that medical devices and medications are accurately dosed and administered to consumers.
  • A legal metrology certificate provides information about the products that are necessary for environmental protection.

What Are The Different Categories Of LMPC Certificates?

LMPC certificate is categorized into two different forms and each category has its own license.

  1. For Weight & Measurement Instruments
  2. For Non-Weight And Measuring Instruments

For Weight & Measurement Instruments

Under this, there are two categories you need to understand:-

  • Model Approval – Under section 22 of Indian legal metrology it is necessary to permit the Indian weight & measurement instruments model approval.
  • Manufacturing Permit – Before manufacturing any good or item you need approval of govt under the legal metrology Rule 27, 2011. It applies to individuals, firms, Hindu Undivided Family Businesses, companies, corporations, society, and so on.

For Non-Weight And Measuring Instruments

Under the non-weight & measuring instruments, you will find two different categories:-

  • Packer Or Manufacturer Registration – Under the legal metrology law packer or manufacturer is a single person who sells pre-packed goods in the market.
  • Importer/LMPC Certificate Registration – Those who are involved in the import or export of pre-packed commodities must comply with legal metrology packaged commodities rule 27, 2011.

What Are The Benefits Of LMPC Certificate In India?

If you are going to apply for the LMPC Certificate online then you are going to experience a lot of benefits of it. The advantages of having an LMPC certificate are:-

  • Increase Customer Trust When a consumer consumes or purchases goods that are approved under the Legal Metrology Act rules and regulations build trust in consumers.
  • Improve Trade The Legal Metrology Act is responsible for controlling unfair trade and practices within or outside the boundaries. The department makes sure that all the packed commodities are in good condition and intended to meet International standards.
  • Minimize The Burden Of Technical Barriers To Trade – With the help of this act most of the technical barriers to trade get reduced. It gives clarity of trade with the measurement of goods and fewer barriers increase the flow of trade in the market. This will boost the morale of the traders and citizens to participate in the global commercial systems. This will help to increase the national economic growth. The trader can use this process to minimize the adopting, applying, and assessing technical norms, conformity, and standards.
  • Provide Information On Government Revenue – The Legal Metrology Act ensures total justice for businesses and government in the tax payment matters. This will provide brief information about the excise fees paid on multiple commodities such as sold, manufactured, imported, and exported, as well as taxes levied on measurement. 

How To Get an LMPC Certificate Online In India?

If you are willing to apply LMPC certificate online in India then you have to keep in mind the process differs from state to state. The procedure to apply legal metrology certificate online is available in a few states only. So you have to check once whether the electronic submission is available in your boundaries or not. The process to get an LMPC Certificate online in India is as follows:

  1. Fill Application – To make this work easier just connect with ELT corporate and we will provide you the necessary information. After that, we will fill out the application for the LMPC certificate online on your behalf without any issue.
  2. Documentation & Paper Work – According to the application our team will gather the required paperwork, collect all the documents, and send it to the appropriate department with the application form.
  3. Concern Department Verification – Once our expert team submits all the documents, applications, and payments to the department. After they will check and verify all the papers & application forms.
  4. Get The LMPC Certificate Online – Once the Legal Metrology Department is satisfied with the application and the importer has filed the declaration. After that, the certification of LMPC gets issued by the department. The importer can show this certificate to the clearance authority during the time of port of merchandise imported.

These are the following steps the major steps to be followed while filling the application for the LMPC certificate. Our expert team will help you out to how to deal with LMPC department on your behalf and provide you LMPC certificate online without any obstacles.

What Are The Necessary Documents To Apply for LMPC License Online?

As we mentioned in the above paragraph that documentations and paperwork is necessary to get LMPC certificate in any country. So, here you will find a list of all necessary documents required to apply LMPC Certificate online:-

  1. Certificate Of GST Registration.
  2. Importer Passport size photo.
  3. IEC (Import Export Code)
  4. Attachment of example of declaration to the product.
  5. Aadhar card number
  6. Identification of address proof.
  7. Memorendum of Article if the business is partnership, a registered partnership deed, or if it is a corporation.

As we mentioned that state to state the process is quite different. So, might be you have submit few more additional documents such as:-

  • IDs and Proofs are typically unique for each state government such as plan of official building.
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate) From the board in charge of pollution or environment.
  • Other entity, Birth certificate & Many more.

Process To Track LMPC Certificate Online Application

If you are doing work under our guidance then we will track LMPC registration certificate application for you. Otherwise if you willing to track the update from your side then you have to go with the below mentioned steps:-

  1. Visit the state government’s website of Legal Metrology India.
  2. On the above of page navigate to Tracking button.
  3. You will redirect to the tracking page.
  4. Enter the information such as department details.
  5. Fill the acknowledgement number given in the second step.
  6. Complete the verification by completing relevant recaptch on website.
  7. After giving the all the required information click the submit button.
  8. You will get the application with the tracking report.

What Kind of Product LMPC Certificate Is Not Required?

LMPC certificat is not necessary for all kind of products. Sometime you no need any kind of documentation or Legal metrology certificate for the regulatory of goods. The commodities are as follows:-

  • Net weight of each commodity is less than 10 grams.
  • All products with a minimum dimension of 10 millimeters.
  • Fast food items packed by restaurants or hotels in packages for consumers.
  • Packaged agricultural products weigh more than 50 kg.
  • Packaged goods that are directly purchased from the manufacturers or target for institutional consumers or service institutions such as airways, hotels, railways, and hospitals.
  • Packaged container goods that weigh more than 25 kg or 25 litre.
  • Products in bags weighing up to 50 kg with the exception of cement or fertilizers.
  • Packages contain drug-covered (Price Control) formulations Order,1995

What Are The Fines And Violations Of LMPC Certificates?

If you are violating any rule of Legal metrology then you have to pay a fine for it. So, to ignore all these fines just follow the mentioned Legal metrology packaged commodity rules:-

  • There will be a punishment of Rs. 4000 if the regulation rule 27-31 is broken.
  • Fine of Rs.2,000 for any additional regulation that is not mentioned in the LMPC certificate.
  • There will be a fine of Rs. 5000 if the importer applies for an LMPC certificate online and submits it more than 90 days from the date of import.

To understand the further penalties you can connect with us. We will provide you with all the details related to penalties and fines of LMPC certificates.

How Long Does It Take To Get LMPC Certificate Online?

To get the lmpc certificate you have to wait for up to 20 days. The LMPC certificate will take a maximum of 20 days. 

What Are an Importer’s Responsibilities?

To understand the importance of LMPC for importer just know about the responsibilities of importer first. The responsibilities of the Importer are:

  • Maintain all details – name, and address of the importer
  • Provide details of the product manufacturer
  • State or country of product origin
  • Availability of product generic name
  • Mention the exact product quantity
  • Mention the accurate date of manufacturing – date, month, and year
  • Mention the month and year of importing the product
  • State the correct product price – maximum retail price
  • Wherever required mention details like dimensions or capacity 

Why do Importers Need an LMPC Certificate?

If the importer doesn’t want any kind of delay in their products then they must require an LMPC certificate. This will improve the regulation of products in the market and build the trust of consumers.

Conclusion – Apply For LMPC Certificate Online

This article clearly justify the uses of LMPC certificate for the import & export of pre-packaged commodities in India. To apply it online you only have to follow the few steps or consult with the best legal metrology service provider in India. Follow all the rules mentioned in the legal metrology act.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does An LMPC Certificate Cost?

The application for an LMPC certificate costs RS. 500.

What Is The LMPC Certificate In Full Form?

LMPC stands for Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity.

What Is The LMPC Certificate Meaning?

LMPC certificate is a legal document that is use to import and sell/ditribution of pre packed goods.

In How Many Days The Import Has To Apply For The Lmpc Certification?

For the LMPC certificate the importer have to applied it before the 90 days of import.