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Apply for Legal Metrology Certificate

How to Apply for Legal Metrology Certificate?

The concept of legal metrology has laid its foundation since time immemorial however it is recently that it has started gaining recognition all over the country. Legal metrology is defined as the part of metrology that deals with the weights and measures, the units of weighing and measurement, methods, and weighing and measuring instruments. The Department of legal metrology under the Ministry of Consumer affairs came into practice in 2009 and is fully responsible for maintaining uniform and proper procedures for weighing and measuring by all the traders in the market. The main aim behind establishing the department of legal metrology was to ensure fair play in trade while safeguarding the best interests of the consumers. ELT Corporate has been one of the leading legal metrology consultants in India for much time and has established a profound name in the legal metrology department. Our team of well-trained and experienced professionals at ELT Corporate renders all the assistance and services for applying for a legal metrology certificate at the best economical rates. It promises to fulfill and lead up to our client’s expectations.

For obtaining a legal metrology certificate in India, getting registered, approvals, and obtaining license counts for a vital process discussed below:

  • Registration of Companies- Any company dealing in manufacturing, importing, or packaging weights or measures must register themselves as a manufacturer, importer, or packer under the Legal metrology Act.
  • Registration of importer for importing weights and measures – Any person be it a manufacturer, importer, or a packer who wishes to the manufacturer, import or pack any weight and measurements, and any importer or packer who wishes to import or pack any pre-packaged commodity must get themselves registered under the Act accordingly within the prescribed time limit.
  • Registration of manufacturer/packer/importer for any pre-packaged commodities
  • Licenses under legal metrology- The department of consumers affairs has stated strict procedures and issued guidelines for the mandatory permits needed under Legal metrology. License as a manufacturer, license as a dealer, and license as a repairer are required under legal metrology.
  • Model approvals by the test centers – The manufacturer’s weights and measures must be approved by the established test centers approved by the Government of India. An application for approval of the model has to be filed along with the supporting documents. After inspection and reviewing of the model and respective application, an approval certificate is granted by the concerned certified laboratory.
  • Declarations on the commodities- Every pre-packaged commodity must bear declarations containing the name, address of manufacturer/ packer, date of origin, and a principal display panel. The sizes and patterns of these declarations can be varied depending on the type of pre-packaged commodity.
  • Stamping and verification- As per the rules and regulations, the measuring instruments must be stamped depicting the year placed and verified by the legal metrology officer, who confirms whether the measurement instruments are up to the prescribed standards or not.

For any person defined under section 2(m) of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009, which includes a Hindu divided family, every department, every office, organization established, company, firm, trust, and co-operative society in India, who wishes to perform any trade about manufacturing, importing, packing of any measuring instruments or pre-packaging commodities must mandatorily get themselves registered under the Legal Metrology Act. We at ELT Corporate aim at providing the best services even through online mode under legal metrology all over the country. For any further assistance regarding legal metrology certificate in India or any other related query, please contact us through our website, and the contact number is given. We would be more than happy to host your questions. Our services can be easily accessed through our online portal, and our team legal metrology expert will surely get in touch with you to assist you in solving your query.

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