How to Obtain a Packing License in Kerala?

Packing License in Kerala

Are you a citizen of Kerala and willing to obtain a packing license Kerala then go with the process. Here you will get to know about all the tips & tricks to get a packer license Kerala.

Why Do You Need Packer License In Kerala?

The Government of India has established uniform standardized rules and regulations for legal metrology laws in India. Since in India the sector of metrology has not been recognized to such an extent that it can flourish dynamically, the government of India in the year 2009 gave a new turn in the metrology sector by establishing the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 along with various rules and package labeling laws in India.

We at ELT Corporate are one of the leading legal metrology registration consultants in India and had been dealing with packing license registration, packing license in any part of the country. Our motive is to impart as much knowledge and render our services, say for example to guide people to obtain a packing license in Kerala in South to Packing License in Delhi in North. Our services can be easily availed through online or the contact number provided therein. We are just a call away!

Key Process To Get Packer License In Kerala

This article drafted by our team of legal metrology experts majorly focuses on the packing license in Kerala and how to get done with the packing manufacturer license registration in Kerala and how to obtain the packing license in Kerala. Here you will get to know about the key process followed in legal metrology in Kerala.

To start with, the first and foremost important step to obtain a packing license in Kerala is to obtain an LMPC Registration certificate in Kerala and get done with all the compliance for the registration process.

Any person whether a manufacturer, dealer, or repairer found to be dealing in any packing of any pre-packaged commodity without having any valid license issued by the legal metrology officer, then such person will be held guilty of committing an offence and will be punishable under law.

What Is a Pre-Packaged Commodity?

Pre-packaged commodities have been defined in section 2(L) of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009. A pre-packaged commodity as the name suggests is a commodity that has already been packed before it reaches the consumer for consumption or usage. The quantity is already predetermined before sealing the product. Such products/commodities/packages bear a principal display panel that reflects all the required information on it pertaining to the said commodity.

Process for Obtaining Packing License in Kerala

If you want to apply for the packing license in Kerala then you will get to know about the mandatory documents required & procedure to maintain.

Mandatory Documents Required For Packer License In Kerala

  • Online Application
  • Receipt of license fee payment
  • License fee payment of Rs. 5515/-
  • Trade license issued by local body
  • Rental or lease agreement of the premises
  • Taxpaying receipt
  • Model approval by any government approved test center
  • Identity proof
  • Photographs

Procedure To Get Packing License In Kerala

  • Make an online application to the concerned assistant controller of the concerned district.
  • Make the necessary payment prescribed.
  • Submit all the supporting documents required
  • Verification of the supporting documents by the concerned legal metrology officer.
  • Approval of the application by the metrology officer concerned
  • If something mysterious is found then the metrology officer can also reject the application after giving a valid reason.
  • License can be downloaded online.

How Much Time Does It Take To Get Packing License In Kerala?

  • The entire process of registration and granting of license in Kerala should be completed within 60 working days and the status of the application can be checked online.
  • Name Of Concerned Authority To Get Packer License In Kerala
  • The applications along with the prescribed fees should be submitted to the Assistant Controller (Flying Squad) of the district concerned.
  • The concept of legal metrology is one vast ocean of knowledge and implementation. Many of the people in the country have the very least knowledgeable when it comes to metrology departments in India.

To avoid such strenuous and complicated online procedures we are here for you. ELT Corporate team recommend legal metrology users in Kerala to get registered under professionals. This will help you to avoid any future mishaps and such grave consequences that can lead to fines and punishments in the future.

Our team by god’s grace has rendered innumerable consultations and has done registrations for our clients located in each and every corner of the country. Our feedback and reviews shared by our clients have given us so much motivation and encouragement in our beautiful journey to date. We wish to impart more and more of our services effectively and smoothly to each and every person that comes across us.

Please feel free to reach out to us in case any of you need our assistance. We are specialized in legal metrology consultation or packing license for any state or country.

Conclusion – How To Get Packing License In Kerala?

To receive the packing license in Kerala you have to understand the basic procedure and documents that are necessary. Or you can just submit your details on the mentioned form. We will connect with you and provide you all the basic information and procedure and apply it.

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