How Do I Register For LMPC Certificate?

How To Register For LMPC Certificate

It is only a few years ago, that Legal Metrology laws in India started gaining acceptance and awareness in the whole country. The Government of India has started laying focus and emphasis on the growth and development of the metrology sector in the country. Earlier, though being a part of the lives of people on a day-to-day basis, still people were unaware of the relevance, existence, and importance of the concept of metrology in India. The most important worrying question that people face these days is “How do I register for an LMPC certificate in India.”

Our team of leading legal metrology registration consultants, experts, and lawyers at ELT Corporate with a vision of expanding and spreading the knowledge and awareness amongst people about the Metrology and Legal Metrology laws in India and providing all the relevant assistance and delivering their services related to legal metrology effectively through their online mode of services.

Which goods are covered under legal metrology?

Legal Metrology in India covers two types of products. Metrology is the study of measurements. Legal metrology in India deals with weights and measures. The two types of products can be well-explained by an example. Any goods such as fruit, vegetables, and pulses sold loose are pre-packed. The products that are sold loose can be determined by the consumers in their presence through the standardized weight or measure. While the ones that are pre-packed, such goods already contain the pre-determined quantity on the packages bearing the principal display panel on them.

Pre-packaged goods

The pre-packaged commodity means a commodity that has already been packed beforehand it reaches the consumer for use. The goods as the name suggests are pre-packed whether sealed or not and the product therein already has a pre-determined quantity. For example, paint, chemicals, fuel, food products, etc.

What is LMPC Certificate?

An LMPC certificate is mandatory and essential compliance that needs to be done effectively under Legal Metrology Act, 2009, and the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodity) Rules, 2011. This Act deals with weights and measures. This Act promotes fair trade practices and ensures safeguards of consumer welfare. For all this to be executed, the first and foremost significant step is to obtain an LMPC Certificate, without which no person in India is authorized to sell and distribute any product across the country.

Who needs to obtain an LMPC Certificate in India?

Any person who wishes to import pre-packaged goods for selling and distributing in India must get themselves registered under the Legal Metrology Act, 2009, and obtain an LMPC Registration Certificate before the sale and distribution of these pre-packaged goods in the country. You can apply LMPC certificate online in India to save your time.

How do I register LMPC Certificate for Importers-?

Any importer who wishes to obtain a Legal Metrology Certificate in India for importing their goods across the country must make an application to the Director of Legal Metrology or the concerned controller of the respective state to get themselves registered. The LMPC registration can be obtained once the application is accepted and posted and the concerned importer’s name and address get registered after an LMPC certificate is granted. Such LMPC registration is valid from one year to a maximum of five years.

How to apply for an LMPC Registration certificate?

LMPC Registration certificate can be obtained online as well as in offline mode. The LMPC certificate can be obtained by submitting the application with all the necessary supporting documents. The LMPC certificate can also be obtained by visiting the Legal Metrology Department of the concerned state, or you must hire an experienced Legal Metrology Registration consultant to do all the legwork and obtain an LMPC certificate. Our team of legal metrology consultants in India believes in imparting and assisting Legal Metrology related services all over the country so people to effectively avail of the services to avoid any future mishaps.

Responsibilities of Importer

Every importer to receive an LMPC certificate must make necessary declarations on the pre-packaged goods in India-

  • Name of the importer
  • Address of the importer
  • Generic name of the commodity
  • Country of origin
  • Net quantity
  • Month and year of manufacture
  • Month and year of Import
  • Price
  • Dimensions, capacity, etc.

Important Supporting Documents required for LMPC Registration

  • Importer Exporter Code
  • GST Registration certificate
  • Identity proof
  • Lease deed/partnership deed
  • No objection certificate from Pollution Control Board
  • Principal Declaration label on commodity
  • Photograph

Any person who wishes or intends to deal in pre-packaged goods must apply to the controller of the concerned legal metrology officer of the respective state. How to get an LMPC Registration certificate is a tiresome procedure and to avoid all such complications and make the trade smooth sailing, every importer must get themselves registered under the Act. Our services at ELT Corporate can be easily accessed through our website by any person in any part of the country. We will be happy to assist you!

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