The government assigns a distinct numerical identification number, known as the Import Export Code, or IEC, to people or companies who import or export products between nations. It acts as a crucial document needed for customs clearance and makes doing business internationally easier. To put it simply, the IEC serves as a license that allows businesses to conduct cross-border commerce.

What is the meaning of the IEC (Import Export Code) License in India? Who issues the IEC code in India?

This 10-digit number of import-export codes is issued by the Directorate General Of Foreign Trade (DGFT) Ministry Of Commerce and Industry, Government Of India. It is necessary to identify the number needed by exporters and importers to run a smooth business when it comes to international trade business.

Why It Is Important To Get Import Export Code?

It is important to get an Import Export Code Because it enables companies to conduct worldwide commerce in products, the IEC is crucial. It is not possible to legally import or export goods without the IEC. This code guarantees that companies abide by rules and regulations and aids customs officials in tracking goods. Having an Import Export Code facilitates easy cross-border transactions and streamlines the customs clearance procedure for commodities.

How to Apply for the IEC Code Online in India?

All the steps for IEC registration are mentioned below:-

  • Login to DGFT Website
  • Click To Register
  • Select Importer/Exporter
  • Enter on Apply IEC

These are the basic steps you can follow to apply IEC Certificate and all the documents required for the Registration are mentioned answer given below.

What are the Required documents for IEC?

The list of the Required documents for the IEC Certificate is mentioned below:-
Address Proof 

  1. Lease deed
  2. Electricity bill
  3. MOU
  4. Rent agreement
  5. Sale deed
  6. Post-paid Mobile bill
  7. Telephone Bill

Additional Documents 

  1. Voter ID 
  2. Adhaar Card
  3. Passport

Other Documents 

  1. Evidence of the firm’s bank account
  2. Bank Certificate
  3. Cancelled Cheque

What is the IEC code Registration Cost?

However, the IEC code registration fee is not that high but it is meant to be changed as per new updation so, it’s better to consult with the team to know the exact IEC code fee.

What Is The Timeline For Import Export Code In India?

The importer-exporter code takes up to 10 to 15 days, but eventually, it varies according to procedure time and updation in the process. 

What is the Validity Of the Import Export Code?

Import Export Code has lifetime validity, but one needs to be updated annually to make sure it’s not deactivated.

Note – If you are updating you’re IEC in April & June then there will be no fee for the updation.

How Can Someone Know The Payment Status of IEC?

You can easily know if your payment is successful or not via track status, or you can print the receipt again. Otherwise, you will get a statement slip, which consists of all the payment details.

How Do I Renew My IEC Code?

Directly, go to the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) website. Visit the online services portal or the IEC renewal area. Complete the application for the renewal of an IEC. Enter details that include your current IEC number, PAN number, and other pertinent data.

How Do I Reactivate My IEC Code Online?

Check out these easy steps to reactivate your IEC code online:-

  • Visit to DGFT Website
  • Log in to your account
  • Search the IEC module
  • Tap “Update IEC”
  • Choose update/change IEC
  • Enter All details
  • Fill IEC update registration form
  • Click on Submit

Which Is The Best Consultancy To Get an IEC Code From?

According to various public surveys and quizzes, ELT regulatory service providers are one of the best in the department, and with a perfectly experienced team, you will get smoother service than any other service-based company.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How Can I Get The Printed IEC Certificate?

Here are the steps:-

  • Search
  • Add Username & Password
  • Tap IEC then, manage IEC
  • Check Details
  • Enter Print IEC

Is There Any Application Form For Applying to IEC?

Yes, “ANF 2A Format” is the application form you must fill out for IEC at the DGFT portal.

Can Individuals Obtain IE Code?

Yes, one can apply and get an IEC certificate.

What Is The Full Form of IEC?

“Importer Exporter Code” is the full form for IEC.

Who Must Obtain IE Code Registration?

Any who works for Importing, and exporting of both goods and services need to obtain an IEC Certificate.

What Documents are Required to Obtain IE Code Registration?

A copy of the PAN Card, Address of the Business, the constitution of the business “Incorporation Certificate, Partnership deed”, and a letter from the banker are needed.

Is it Mandatory to Renew the IEC Every Year?

Yes, it is necessary to renew your Import Export Code year by year.

What is the Last Date For IEC Renewal?

“June 30” is the mandatory date to renew the Import Export Code (IEC) yearly between April and June, concerning the financial corresponding year.

Is GST Mandatory for IEC Code?

No, individuals who don’t have GST no. can easily apply for an Import Export Code with a PAN number.

What is the full form of DGFT?

“Directorate General of Foreign Trade” is the full form of DGFT.