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Advantages Of Legal Metrology Act

What Are The Advantages Of Legal Metrology Act?

In this article we are going to talk about detailed advantages of Legal Metrology, will also discuss the benefits of Legal Metrology act Registration, what is the document procedure, and all about the LMPC Registration procedure. So, let’s begin with Legal Metrology, it is a lot related to weights and measures applied by all manufacturers and suppliers, and the dealers who deal in the Indian Legal Metrology system. There are a number of business operations which go through the weights and measurement for the federal performance of the business. To deal in the Indian Legal Metrology system it is mandatory for all the businesses to comply with the Legal Metrology Act.

Implementation of Legal Metrology Act

The Legal Metrology Act, 2009 was implemented with the effect from 1st April 2009. It contained the followings:

  • Preamble and after establishing enforce the standard of weight and measures.
  • Trade and commerce in weight measure, and
  • Other goods which are sold or distributed by weights and measure or number, and
  • From matters connected therewith or incidental there to.

Purpose and Advantages of Legal Metrology Act

  1. Government has introduced the legal metrology act with the purpose of transparency and clarity in the business so it also protects the right of the consumer.
  2. If we talk about the legal metrology act, it basically helps in reducing the ill effect of the management, which arises at the time of weights and measurements.
  3. It makes the procedure to be followed by all the manufacturer, importers, and suppliers who are dealing in the weight measurement and device to apply for the registration of legal metrology legal metrology Act 2009.

Benefits of Legal Metrology to the Businesses

In our previous articles on legal metrology act we have discussed that legal metrology just not protects the rights of the consumer, but it also provides several benefits to the businesses including small vendors etc. Benefit Legal Metrology are given below:

  1. Indian Legal Metrology system helps the businesses in building consumer support.
  2. Support to the trade collection of the government revenue, and
  3. It also reduces all the technical barriers which arise at the time of the trade documents required during the LMPC registration process
Documents required for Legal Metrology Registration

Now we will talk about the documents required by different people dealing in the legal metrology registration. Requirement of the documents varies, if you are a manufacturer or repair or the dealer or the supplier. (Read also: Legal Metrology Transaction & Protection)

Requirement of documents by Manufacturer

In case of manufacturer the type of documents you would require, the list is given below:

  1. Manufacturer need passport size photographs,
  2. ID proof,
  3. Address proof of the applicant, or
  4. Partnership proof in case of partnership,
  5. Date of birth of the applicant or partners,
  6. Proof of ownership, or tenancy,
  7. Document of the proposed premises/ manufacturing unit,
  8. Partnership deed in case of partnership firm,
  9. Model approved certificate issued by the director legal metrology, Government of India, if required under legal metrology general rules with respect to the proposed weighing and measuring instrument.
  10. No objection certificate from the Pollution Control Board especially,
  11. List of machinery available in the manufacturing unit.
  12. Registration document of factory, Shop establishment,
  13. Copy of GST registration, and
  14. A copy of PAN
Mandatory declaration by Manufacturer
  1. That application would adhere to the legal provision and the direction issued by the Comptroller affidavit to state.
  2. That applicant had neither been punished by any court, nor any criminal proceeding pending in any court.
List of Documents for Repairers

List of documents for repairs in weight and measure you will be needing are given below:

  1. ID proof,
  2. Two passport size photographs,
  3. Certificate of registration of industry from the competent authority,
  4. Document proof of ownership, or
  5. Lease agreement of the premises,
  6. Proprietorship deed in case of Sole Proprietorship,
  7. Partnership Deed in case of registered partnership firm
  8. In case of company, registration certificate under Companies Act along with the followings:
    • Copy of Article of Association, and
    • Memorandum of Association,
    • Employees copy of appointment letter, with photograph, qualification, and experience certificate,
    • List of machinery tool, and
    • Accessory list with the purchase bill,
    • Tested purchase bill in case of new machinery,
    • Certificate of GST registration,
    • Probational tax registration certificate.
Documents Required by the Dealers

List of documents which will be required by the dealer license is given below:

  1. Identity Proof,
  2. Residential proof,
  3. Two Passport Size Photograph,
  4. Letter of consent from the manufacturer who wish to appoint you as a dealer,
  5. Manufacturing license if the dealer intends to import weights and measure from outside this state,
  6. Model approved certificate of weight and measured,
  7. Document proof of ownership, or
  8. Lease agreement of premises, and
  9. GST registration or,
  10. Labor license
Need of Registration under legal metrology act
  1. Registration process under legal metrology is differ for manufacturer, packer, importer of the weights and measure. It depends on the type of designation you are holding.
  2. Importers can file registration applications under scheduled 10th and rule 15 of the act.
  3. All the measuring instruments marketed in India must comply with the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodity) Rules, 2011 and 2017.
  4. In case of the importer, the application should be filed at least one month before the import of the commodity. The legal metrology department will charge an application fee. If we talk about the time limit, it’s 45 days or more for manufacturing license, food manufacturing license or application process fall under the legal metrology.
  5. Under the state legal metrology enforcement rule 2011 the application for the manufacturing license has been filled in form LM1. The manufacturing license application should be submitted along with the document and the required fees.
  6. If we talk about the validity, it is valid up to five years and the same can be renewed within 3 months from the date of expiration.
  7. If the importer or the manufacturer wants to act as a dealer then in that case, he has to obtain a dealer license under legal metrology along with the importer or manufacturer license which is as follows for dealer license. The licenses can be granted in the form LD3. The process of the renewal of LMPC license varies from state to state, for example if a dealer is operating in one state, then wishes to operate in another state also means more than two states then for each state, he has to take the license to deal in legal metrology.
  8. The validity date from 1 to 5 repair license is important to be taken by any company or by the individual who is walking on the dripper of work of their respective products for that for the repair license form LR1 has to be filled and submitted.
  9. Whereas the licenses granted under the form LR3 under the scheduled third the application has to be submitted to the state legal metrology licensing authority along with the documents and required fees.
  10. The applicant needs to submit the application form which contains all the details of an applicant. The license is valid up to 5 years, thereafter it has to be renewed within three months from the date of expiration of the license.

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