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Products Compliance with Legal Metrology Laws

Are Your Products in Compliance with Legal Metrology Laws?

The Legal Metrology (Package Commodity) Rule 2011 is applicable to all the products that come in the form of pre-packaged commodities. A pre-packaged commodity is defined under Section 2 subsection 1 of the Legal Metrology Act 2009. It clearly defines the pre-packaged commodities means any commodity without the purchaser being present in place in any package or nature whether sealed or not so that the product contained within the package has a predetermined quantity.

Purpose of Legal Metrology Act 

  1. The purpose of the legal metrology act and its rules is basically to help the consumer and to know the important and mandatory details of the commodity which is going to help the consumer in order to make the best decision while purchasing the product.
  2. Every durable as well as non-durable goods has to comply with the legal metrology rules and should fulfill the requirement of all the declarations on their product mandatory.
  3. The second main purpose of the Legal Metrology act and its role is to help the consumer to know the product which is best for them and to know every single detail about every product so that they can compare the products with each other to ensure that the information is sufficiently reliable while making the purchase.
  4. As per the Legal Metrology rules no one is allowed to pre pack any commodity for sale, distribution or delivery unless the package appears on a securely affixed label having all the mandatory declarations on it.

Mandatory Declaration Under the Indian Legal Metrology System 

Your product complies with the legal metrology laws if all the LMPC declarations which are mandatory to comply as mentioned, has to be fulfilled by the manufacturer, importer, dealer of the commodity. All these mandatory declarations have been discussed below: (Read also: Regulatory Control of Measurement Under Legal Metrology)

  1. As per rule six of legal metrology packaged commodity rules, every package commodity needs to mention the following mandatory declaration on their labels.
  2. Name and address of the manufacturer Packer, importer, and dealer of the commodity.
  3. The number (net quantity) of products contained in each package.
  4. The common or generic name of the commodity being packaged and in the case of packages with more than one product the name, number or quantity of each product shall be mentioned on the package of the commodity.
  5. The name of the country of origin or manufacture or assembly in case of imported products.

Legal Metrology Registration

In view of obtaining the help with regard to the legal metrology registration the ELT legal metrology consultancy will help you out in the most reliable way by assisting you in filling in application for manufacturer and Packer registration from the legal metrology department for your pre-packaged commodities.

Every manufacturer, Packer, and importer of the commodity is required to obtain the LMPC registration certificate from the legal metrology department as per the rule 27 of the legal metrology packaged commodities rules 2011. In the event of noncompliance, the penalty of offense under Legal Metrology on the defaulter shall increase up to INR 25000 as per the director and the company shall be levied.

Clarification On Verification and Stamping of Weights and Measures 

Legal Metrology department of consumer affairs regarding verification stamping of weights and measures used by the intermediary process in the industries during industrial production under the legal metrology 2009 the note was issued by the department on 6th May 2014 which states the following points:

  1. The ministry of food processing industry had taken up the issue of all annual verification of weights and measures in the food processing industry as per law enforcement.
  2. On the issue the legal metrology division of the department of consumer affairs issued a circular on April 11th, 2014 to the controller of the legal metrology in all these States and Union Territories.
  3. The circular issued to the controller of Legal Metrology clarifies that the weights and measures used for the transaction and protection shall only be verified and stamped as required under section 24(1) of Legal Metrology Act 2009.

On Which Items the Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity Rules 2011 Is Not Applicable? 

There are various items on which the legal metrology packaged commodities rules 2011 are not applicable and the list of such items has been given below:

  1. Any material for the use of industrial purpose only.
  2. Fast food items packed by restaurants, hotels, etc.
  3. Drugs, and medicines covered under drug control order 1955.
  4. Scheduled and non-scheduled formulations are covered under the drugs price control order 1995 made under section 3 of Essential Commodities Act of 1955.
  5. Any part of material used in any workshop services station repairing bicycles, tricycles and motorcycles.
  6. Agricultural form product in packages of above 50 Kilogram.

Is License Being Compulsory Under Legal Metrology At 2009? 

Under section 23 of Legal Metrology Act, 2009 the license for manufacturer repairer dealer of any weights and measures is compulsory under Legal Metrology Act, no person shall make, manufacture, repair, sale any weights or measures unless he obtained a valid license by paying off the prescribed license fee as per the Legal Metrology act.

Necessity Of Stamping and Verification

Sometimes we have a question in our mind that what are the instances where stamping and verification is not necessary under the legal metrology in 2009. To which it is mandatory for all the people who are dealing in the Indian Legal Metrology system to know that the provision of legal metrology act relates to the verification and stamping of weights and measures shall not apply to any weights and measures under the following circumstances:

  1. Where such weights and measures are used in any factory exclusively engaged in the manufacture of arms, or ammunition, or both.
  2. There it is for the use of the armed forces of the union.
  3. Used for scientific investigation or for research.
  4. Manufactured exclusively for export.

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