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Things That Fall Under Legal Metrology Act

5 Things That Fall Under Legal Metrology Act

The Legal Metrology department has become more attentive to prosecute the violators of Legal Metrology laws by National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission on February 1st, 2016.
The division petition was filed in the court which was titled as Big cinema versus Manoj Kumar, the Legal Metrology department has been firing on all these cylinders and booking a wide variety of establishments under the act and rules the active action was taken by the Legal Metrology department have left all the people in surprise as they have exhibited by their inspection and notices and a wide variety of objects shall be governed under the legal metrology act. The Consumer awareness programme by the Legal Metrology department has been conducted on a regular basis.
In this article, we are going to discuss a brief list of the objects and establishments that would fall under the ambit of the legal metrology Act. Here we are going to discuss the five major things which most people did not know would fall under the Legal Metrology Act.

Stents and Other Medical Types of Equipment

  1. It is a tiny tube that is placed into a hollow structure in the human body. This structure can be alertly obvious or another structure such as the tube that carries urine. It is used to hold open passages in the body such as weak or narrowed arteries, also it is often used to treat narrowed coronary arteries that provide the heart with oxygen-rich blood. It also falls under the legal metrology act staying true to their purpose of establishing the department of Legal Metrology. The officers of Legal Metrology started booking hospitals under legal metrology act and rules for not using the correct weights or measures or for not following the compliances of the rules and act. Legal Metrology on Digital thermometer and other medical equipments
  2. The national pharmacy pharmaceutical pricing agency has laid down the foundation of MRP to an extent, thereby drastically reducing the cost of angioplasty. Here the union minister of consumer affairs, food, and public distribution has already started the machinery to include stents under the definition of pre-packaged commodity thereby bringing his stents under the ambit of package commodity rules.
  3. The Legal Metrology department of Maharashtra on various hospitals reveals several violations of package commodity rules for various medical equipment such as
    1. Balloon devices,
    2. Euretic Euro world angiography catheter,
    3. Fabric natural fibre,
    4. IV catheter,
    5. Breathing circuit,
    6. Guidewire,
    7. Limbo Single Limb Anaesthesia, and
    8. Gloves and blood collector.
  4. The legal metrology department has reportedly found 26 private hospitals in five districts in violation of Legal Metrology rules and act by using faulty baby-weighing measures in their practice.

Petrol Pumps Under Legal Metrology

  1. The Legal Metrology department has also spearheaded another movement where they have attempted to raise awareness of malpractice and methods which control petrol pumps and the same may be used to scam the customer.  Raids by the Legal Metrology Department on Petrol pumps have been conducted by Legal Metrology officers.
  2. The deputy Comptroller of the central zone of the legal metrology department reportedly claimed that out of 52 units they had inspected 6 units were found to be giving a lesser quantity of fuel to the consumer which they are paying for.
  3. The Legal Metrology department has written to the central government to measure the air pressure used to fill the air in tires at petrol pumps, speed radars which are used to measure the speed of moving objects under legal metrology rules.
  4. Controller of legal metrology Maharashtra has reportedly written to various officials:
    1. The director of legal metrology and
    2. Principal secretary of Maharashtra food and civil supplies and
    3. Consumer protection department for inclusive of ATM under the Legal Metrology Rules and laws stating that there have been instances in which the machines have dispensed less cash to the customer.
  5. It has also been stated by the aforesaid organisation that the inclusion of these objects under the ambit of the Legal Metrology act and rule shall be beneficial to the consumer.
  6. The wholesaler, retailer, manufacturer, and importer of the commodity should be extra vigilant and whether services or products provided by them are also falling under the rules and acts or not, and if so whether they are in compliance with the requirements of the law to protect the interests of the consumer.

Digital or Electronic Meters Installed in Auto Rickshaws and cabs under the Legal Metrology

  1. Most people are not aware that the digital and electronic meters which are installed in auto rickshaws and caps also fall under the ambit of legal metrology and many auto-rickshaw drivers and taxi drivers are reported to have been booked by their respective states legal metrology department.
  2. Approx 13 auto-rickshaw drivers have been booked by the directorate of civil supplies and consumer affairs for violating the provision of Andaman and Nicobar Islands Legal Metrology enforcement rules 2011.
  3. Also, the various states have installed digital meters in the cab run by app-based aggregators like Uber and Ola so that no fraudulent activity will take place and no one should be charged more from the customer and the customer should be aware that how much the meter is running and how much he is liable to pay for the services he has obtained.

Hotels, Restaurants, and Cinema Halls Under Legal Metrology

It is very much important for all the citizens of the country to know that the cinema halls, restaurants, and hotels fall under the ambit of legal metrology and anything wrong that takes place with the customer will be dealt with by the legal metrology department and its officers to protect the interests of the consumer the legal metrology department has started taking the strict action against hotels, cinema halls and restaurants for overcharging of sale of packaged commodities. Functions of the Legal Metrology department plays an important role in the factors discussed in this article.
The dispute of hotels is still pending adjudication before the Supreme Court of India as the legal metrology department of Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Jammu and Kashmir have also started conducting surprise inspections by legal metrology officer in all the above-mentioned establishments and started booking them for any violation under the legal metrology rules and acts.

LPG Cylinders Under Legal Metrology

The Legal Metrology department Kerala conducted inspections on various codes of dealers who were in the business of selling LPG cylinders and out of them 21 were found guilty where there was a clear violation of the legal metrology act and rules.
The inspection conducted by the legal metrology department was part of a drive that the department began to increase awareness among the customers and the citizens of the country of the packaged commodity rules which state that the LPG cylinder must weigh in front of the customers before the deliveries are completed.
A similar kind of action has also taken place in Jammu and Kashmir where one LPG dealer was charged with not carrying a weighing scale as mandated under the legal metrology laws.  Inspection of Cylindrical knob type weights under legal metrology.
The legal Metrology department also takes the initiative to spread awareness among the customers or consumers whether they are buying petrol from petrol pumps or LPG from any dealer or whether they are going to any restaurants, hotel, or cinema.
Also, the awareness in the consumer is necessary when most of the people are travelling in cabs or auto rickshaws on daily basis they should be very much aware of the meter and its running and its price whether it is correct or not in case of any such  fraud or case of any doubt they should immediately contact the Legal Metrology department and it’s an officer and make the complaint about the same so that the proper inquiry and inspection against the violator or offender can be taken place by the department for the betterment of the society.

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