Cylindrical knob-type weight can be made from bronze, brass, or gun material and its weight shall be between 10 kilograms to 200 grams. Under the cylindrical knob type of weight, the grey cast iron can be used but these types of weight cannot be used for the weight meant for precious metals such as gold, silver, etc. The cylindrical knob is easy to handle and these weights are in a series of grams such as 500-gram, 200-gram, 100-gram, 50-gram, 20-gram, 10-gram, 5-gram, 2-gram, and one-gram. And in a series of kilograms, it shall be 10 kg, 5kg, 2 kg, and one kg. This type of weight is polished and smooth by applying the appropriate coating which may be protected against corrosion to normal use, tear and wear.

The use and maintenance of cylindrical knob-type weights require adjustment by qualified personnel and periodic monitoring from an authorized Legal Metrology agency. Only qualified agencies have the power to rectify the service of the weight as per the requirement.

Punishment for The Unverified Weight And Measure

Any person who so ever found guilty for the use of unverified wait and measure shall be punishable with:

  1. The fine of rupees 2000 which may extend to rupees 10,000
  2. Imprisonment which may extend up to one year, or
  3. Both define and imprisonment.

International Organization of Legal Metrology

Cylindrical knob-type weights are used universally and guided by the OIML (an International Organization of Legal Metrology). The international organization of legal metrology is an Intergovernmental Organization. It is a worldwide organization with the primary aim of harmonizing regulation and metrological controls.

It aims to harmonize the metrological controls which are applied by the following:

  1. National metrological services
  2. Related organizations
  3. Its member states
  4. In India, the dictate of legal metrology has these separate wings:
    1. Department of Consumer Affairs,
    2. Food and civil supplies,
    3. Government of India
  5. It enforces the Legal Metrology Act and rules for effective enforcement of the provision of the Legal Metrology Act 2009 by the way of the director at the Center and the Comptroller of the state.

Cylindrical Knob Under Legal Metrology

Cylindrical knob-type weight under legal metrology describes the following

  1. six shapes,
  2. material,
  3. method of manufacture,
  4. loading hole,
  5. the nominations,
  6. marking,
  7. dimensions,
  8. permissible error, and
  9. Stamping.

The details of the cylindrical knob type of weight under legal metrology general rules 2011 are given below:


Cylindrical weight shall have the following denominations which shall be in the series of Grams:

  1. 500 grams
  2. 200 grams
  3. 100 grams
  4. 50 grams
  5. 20 grams
  6. 10 grams
  7. 5 grams
  8. 2 grams
  9. In the series of kilograms, it shall be in 10 kg, 5 kg, 2 kg, and 1 kg
  10. The shape and weight of cylindrical knob type weight.
    1. It shall be integral and
    2. Cylindrical
    3. It should have a flat surface
    4. The knob shall be easy to handle or carry.

Cylindrical Knob Type Weight

  1. It shall be made or manufactured from gun material, bronze, or brass, and grey cast iron may be used for the weight from 10 kilograms to 100 grams.
  2. But the material should not be used for the weight of precious metals such as:
  • gold and
  • silver etc. for their products
  1. Method of manufacture cylindrical knob type weight
  • It shall be manufactured or made by a suitable method that can be easily applicable to this selected material as mentioned above

Loading Hole of Cylindrical Knob

  1. The top phenomenon from 100 grams to 1 gram shall be solid, integral weight without a loading hole
  2. Weight of dimensions from 10 grams to 20 grams both inclusive shall have a loading hole
  3. The loading hole shall be cylindrical
  4. The loading hole shall pass through the axis of the weight open out on the upper surface of the knob
  5. The loading hole shall have a wider diameter at its upper end
  6. The loading hole shall be closed by a trading brass plug or a flat brass. Their threat is commonly known as ISO Metric
  7. The flat disc must provide a suitable hole in the centre to facilitate handling.
  8. The plug or the flat disc must be closed by means of a lead pellet pressed firmly into the circular groove in a wider part of the loading hole
  9. Machining or grinding shall be used for the adjustment of the week without loading the hole
  10. In the case where the new weight is about 2/3 of the debt of the loading hole then it shall remain empty after adjustment.

Marketing of Cylindrical Knob Type Weight

  1. The denomination of the weight shall have the name or trademark of the manufacturer on the flat knob.
  2. The denomination of weight from 10 kilograms to 500 grams may also be indicated in the cylindrical body weight.
  3. The letters and numbers of the symbol shall be larger than those used for indicating on the knob.

Dimensions of Cylindrical Knob Type of Weight

  1. The dimensions of cylindrical weight shall be in the following manner:
    1. For weight 1 kilogram and below it shall be +10%
    2. For weight above 1 kilogram, it shall be +5%

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Stamping of the Knob Type of Weight

  • The seal of the legal metrology officer shall be stamped on the loaded pellet within the loading hole wherever the loading hole is provided.
  • The seal of the legal metrology officers shall be stamped on the bottom of the weight which has no loading holes.

Design of Cylindrical Knob Type Weight

  1. The cylindrical knob type wait shall have a body consisting of a lifting knob that is specifically designed for the use of forceps or other lifting devices.
  2. The weight is marked with its normal value.
  3. The knob has a thread that screws tightly into a body and there is a cavity below the knob thread which contains the adjusting material.
  4. The one-piece construction or design indicates the weight is manufactured.
  5. The weight is indicated by a single uniform piece of stainless steel and it should not have any other material added to it
  6. Other than removing material by polishing it has no method of adjustment to it.
  7. A two-piece design or construction indicates the body of the weight is a primary piece. In a primary piece, the number of the weight is a secondary piece.
  8. All the surface is polished to a perfect mirror-like finish as is specified in the Act.
  9. The set of weights is packed in a polished wooden box lined with velvet and provided with gloves and forces
  10. However, the consultancy of ELT Legal Metrology customized casing according to their customers’ needs.
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