The Legal Metrology Act and the Legal Metrology department describe the proper structure for the model approval fee under Legal Metrology. However, approval of models under Legal Metrology’s or LMPC Model approval amended rules has increased in fee for testing weight, measures, and instruments. On November 6th, 2019, the Legal Metrology model approval amendment rules 2019 were issued by the Department of Consumer Affairs.

All such amendments have enabled the applicant to make the compliance with the payment of fees for testing weight and measures, publication of model certificate, and model approval fee through online means as well. Proper compliance with the Act will save you from the Legal Metrology Disputes.

What Is Model Approval?

Model Approval is a legal requirement that ensures the accuracy and compliance of weight and measure instruments with the regulations of the Legal Metrology Department. The model approval certificate test involves testing product samples and verifying the submitted documents. It ensures that the instruments meet the required Indian Standards.

  1. The applicant can make an online paymen model approval fee for the laboratories for testing weights or measures or waiting and measuring instruments to increase their fees.
  2.  The fee for the mechanical type of weight and measure has increased from Rs 500 to Rs 10,000 to test the weight and measure instruments.
  3.  The fee for testing electronic or digital type models of weight or measure or weighing and measuring instruments has been increased from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 25,000.
  4.  The applicant has to deposit their fees by making an application. Must deposit the model approval fee in the form of a demand draft, which should be drawn in favor of the laboratory or
  5.  The applicant may also make the payment through the mode of an online payment towards the testing charges of the laboratory in the following manner:
  6.  For testing mechanical-type models of weight and measures or weighting or measuring instruments, a Fee of Rs. 10,000 should be paid.
  7.  Whether it’s intended to be imported or manufactured for protection or measuring instruments, a fee of Rs. 25,000 should be paid. It is intended to be imported or manufactured for protection or transaction.
  8.  In accordance with the rule, the application shall be deposited by the applicant with half of the testing fees for testing the substitute material.

Documents Required for Model Approval

As per the Legal Metrology Department, there are several documents required in order to get the model approval. The applicant must provide the documents mentioned below with their application:

  1. Certificate of incorporation
  2.  Two passport-sized photographs of the applicant
  3.  Ceiling provisions that describe the product
  4.  Filled application form
  5.  The LMPC license of other businesses pertaining to your business
  6.  In case the applicant is in an Importer,
  • He must provide a declaration stating that no changes were made to the product before its sale in India.
  1. Details which the applicant is required to input on the display panel of the package
  2.  Receipt of model approval fee
  3.  Systematized diagram of measuring a product or weight.

What is the Process for Obtaining Model Approval in India?

Legal Metrology has devised two methods that differ from each other based on whether the applicant is a manufacturer or an importer to issue the model approval.

Model Approval to Manufacturer

If an applicant is a manufacturer, then the manufactured product has to go through mandatory testing by the director journal of the legal metrology department. The procedure follows the following steps as mentioned below:

  1. Submit the filled application form.
  2.  Gather the required documents.
  3.  Bring a sample of the product to the Legal Metrology department.
  4.  The department would inspect documents.
  5.  A sample would be forwarded to the director’s journal for testing.
  6.  If the Legal Metrology department is satisfied with the document submitted by the applicant or manufacturer, it will issue the applicant with the LMPC certificate.

Model Approval to Importer

If the applicant is an importer, then the following steps should be taken:

  1. Gather the required documents,
  2.  Submit the field application form.
  3.  The applicant has to submit the product sample to the legal metrology department.
  4.  The legal metrology department will inspect the documents
  5.  If the legal metrology department finds no error, the importer will receive the model approval certificate under Legal Metrology.

What Is Model Approval in India?

The legal metrology department issued the model approval as per section 22 of the Legal Metrology Act 2009. The model approval is provided to the importer or the manufacturer of weight and measures. It is a legal metrology certificate that is issued to the manufacturer and importer of weight and measuring instruments.

To get the model approval, the applicant has to apply for the same and must get approval from the legal metrology department and the central government. The office is located in Delhi. However, the standard application process involves the

  • document submissions,
  •  sample testing, and
  •  application filing by the applicant,

After that, the model approval certificate is provided to the applicant if all the requirements as per the legal metrology department are met with the application of the applicant.

Model Approval Consultancy In India

The legal metrology model approval consultancy or the model approval expert can advise any manufacturer or importer who seeks model approval. By doing this, the applicant will not face unnecessary hindrances or trouble while filling in the application and with the requirements of documents. However, all the documents should be gathered by the applicant, but he may be directed or advised by the Legal Metrology model approval consultancy.

The applicant may also approach the ELT Legal Metrology consultant for better advice and guidance in order to get the model approval certificate. It will provide you with the best advice, come up with the best solution to your problems, and help you out in getting the model approval certificate from the legal metrology department with complete compliance with the Legal Metrology Act and Legal Metrology Department.


Any person who may be the manufacturer or importer needs to get the model approval. The legal metrology India department or the central government shall check the sample. The office of the legal neurology department is located in the New Delhi Area. A legal metrology officer conducted the inspection of the sample as well as the inspection of the document submitted by the applicant. The Legal Metrology Department and the Legal Metrology Act take care of the interests of the general public, and to protect the same; they are required to do the proper inspection along with the documentation of the applicant and the sample of model approval.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the cost of legal metrology model approval?

For the Model Approval the Minimum fee that should be paid is ₹25,000. Later its depends on the Importer and manufacturer products.

What Is The Validity Of Model Approval Certificate?

The Model Approval Certificate is valid till the product meets the quality and performance as per the tested report. If you made any changes in the product then you have to again apply for it.

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