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Legal Metrology Consulting & Counseling

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Legal Metrology Law is draconian that is often misunderstood, further leads to paying heft penalties (for violation of laws).

By having being planned about the relevant provisions applicable on your business entity and pursuing the compliances accordingly in consultation with the Legal Metrology Lawyers is unavoidable activity.

Our experts offer all kinds of services in the field of Legal Metrology i.e. Manufacturing License, Repairer License, Packer Registration, Importer License under Section 19, or Rule 27.

Experts at our firm would guide you through the process of obtaining various kinds of licenses as per your requirement.

Besides above, our experts has good hand experience about the enforcement of the legal metrology laws, can lead you to pursue about the legal metrology in most optimum and practical manner.

Our team of experts comprises of retired officials of legal metrology departments, scientists, and other relevant experts, to present you the most accurate and practical insights.