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Importer License

You can apply for a Importer License under the LMI. The license is valid for Minimum one year. If you are new in this industry then get the best Legal Metrology License Consultancy through ELT Corporate.

Manufacturing License

You can apply for a Manufacturer Legal Metrology License under the LMI. The manufacturer license is valid for a minimum of one year. After that you must apply for the Legal Metrology Manufacturer License renewal.

Dealer License

You can apply for a Dealer License under the LDI. The license is valid for one year after that you have to apply for renewal. . If you are new in this industry then get the best Legal Metrology License Consultancy through ELT Corporate.

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WPC License

What Is a WPC License? – Process, Documentation & Requirement

There has been a rapid increase in the use of wireless items in recent days. We usually see that most users use wireless earbuds, mice, and more. Recently, we have been living in a self-reliant India, but some foreign products still need to be replaced. Because here we are discussing the quality wireless products. 

WPC License

How To Link (Importer Exporter Code) IEC with DGFT?

In this guide, you can understand the step-by-step process of how to link IEC with DGFT. You may require a few documents to link it. Here, you will find a list of documents that are mandatory to have.  The IEC standard for Importer Exporter Code is a compulsory document of international global trade. 

Frequently Asked Question

What Are LMPC Rules?

LMPC (Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity) is a law in India that is meant to provide approval on the regulatory of packaged products or goods. The LMPC license is applicable for the food items, pharmaceuticals, and many other goods that are available pre-packed in the market.

The Legal Metrology Certificate is valid for one to five years

What Is A Metrology Certificate?

A Legal Metrology Certificate is a document approved by the government for the regulatory of pre packed commodity in the market. It helps to maintain the standards and measurement of good for consumer satisfaction.


How Long Does It Take To Get LMPC Certificate?

The approval of Legal Metrology Certificate usually takes 20 days. But due to documentation error it will increase.

The object of the Legal Metrology Certificate In India are as follow:-

  • Fair trade
  • Consumer Protection
  • Regulation of Measuring Instruments
  • Inform about health & safety
  • Inform about Accuracy and Consistency
What Are The Types Of LMPC Certificate?

The type of LMPC Certificates are:-

  • Importer Certificate
  • Manufacturer Certificate
  • Packer Certificate

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