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EPR Registration

EPR Registration In India

ELT Corporate promises to provide 100% guaranteed assistance for EPR Registration in India. We aim to maintain transparency and build all the efforts to complete the EPR certification process immediately. Contact us for detailed information on the EPR registration process and documentation. We will provide you with immediate solutions to all your queries. Our expert EPR License provider will guide you.

What Is EPR Registration? | Meaning Of EPR Certificate

EPR Stands for Extended Producer’s Responsibility. An EPR license is mandatory for Indian importers/manufacturers of products for e-waste management. As per the rules of PWM (Plastic Waste Management), the importer of plastic products or plastic-related products must obtain an EPR license in India.

The EPR Certification system is required to restrain plastic waste under the plastic waste management system of the central pollution control board.

What Is EPR Authorization?

EPR authorization is a process in which plastic goods importers, manufacturers, and sellers connect with EPR regulations set by the Central Pollution Control Board. It is a formal declaration from the importer and seller producer that indicates their commitment to managing and reducing the environmental impact of their products. 

Why Do You Need EPR Registration? 

As we all know, plastic has become an essential part of our daily lives. Plastic is produced on a massive scale all around the world. But the main focus point is plastic waste is generated approximately 5.6 million tonnes per annum in India. The disposal of plastic waste is a significant issue so recycling is one of the best ways to protect the environment and reproduce something new from the waste. 

So, to ensure the processing of plastic waste the EPR (Extended Producers Responsibility) is implemented for the management of plastic waste. It is required because it shows that the producer or importer is responsible for their produced goods.

What Is The Importance Of EPR Registration?

The EPR Registration has various benefits if you obtain the license then you can simply explore the qualities such as:-

  • Promote Reuse Of Products – The purpose of the EPR is to manage the ease and promptitude of dissembling the products for the process of recycling and reuse of plastic waste.
  • Good Environmental Impact – The EPR license is about decreasing the waste plastic without using any harmful activities such as burning or burying which is harmful to the environment and humans also.
  • Ensure Sustainable Development – With the help of EPR registration you can sustain the natural resources and promote them. This shows that producers, importers, and sellers lessen the quantity of waste, pollution, eradication, etc.

Is EPR Registration Mandatory In India?

For manufacturers and importers, it is necessary to have to keep the security of the environment. This will help to keep the e-waste under control. If somehow the manufacturer and importer fail to fulfil the requirement then they should not be operated in India.

Type Of EPR Registration In India

If you apply for EPR registration then you should understand the types of EPR Registration:-

  • EPR Registration For Plastic Waste Management
  • EPR Registration For E-Waste Management
  • EPR Registration For Battery Waste Management
  • EPR Registration For Typres Waste Management
  • EPR Registration For Used Oil Management

How To Get An EPR Certificate in India?

To obtain the EPR Certificate in India manufacturers and importers of information technology and electronic products have to provide the documentation and evidence of the E-waste management plans. You should add an agreement with recycling assistance.

ELT Corporate provides you with the best support for EPRA registration in India. We will manage the documentation and formalities in getting the EPR Certificate.

Who Requires EPR Registration?

EPR Authorization is mandatory for those entities that are engaged in producing, importing, or brand owners of electronic goods, plastic packaging, lead-acid, lithium-ion, batteries, or tire producing respectively. It is mandatory to have the EPR license as per the E-waste Management Rules 2022, Plastic Waste Management Rules 2022, Battery Waste Management 2022, and Waste Tyre Management Rules. 

List Of Documents Required For The EPR Registration In India

For the application of the EPR Registration, you should attach the following documents:-

  • Verification of Business Address
  • Legal Papers Of Manufacturer/Exporter
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • IE Code Verification
  • Directorate Of Industries
  • Certificate By Municipal Corporation Local Authorities
  • Contact & Product Details
  • Copy Of PAN Card
  • Details documentation of the authorized person
  • Copy Of BIS License (optional)
  • RoHS Compliance Details
  • Recycler Information
  • E-Waste Management Estimate
  • Budget For Extended Producer Responsibility
  • Details of Awareness Initiatives
  • EPR Plan
  • Copy Of Agreements

Note – You may also require a few more other documents as per the requirements according to the product type.

Who Will Issue the EPR Certificate?

The EPR Authorization process is given by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) under MoEFCC, Government of India.