There has been a rapid increase in the use of wireless items in recent days. We usually see that most users use wireless earbuds, mice, and more. Recently, we have been living in a self-reliant India, but some foreign products still need to be replaced. Because here we are discussing the quality wireless products. Most researchers find that foreign products are more affordable and qualitative for everyday users. So, if you are a seller of wireless products looking for a WPC License, your wait is over.

With our guidance, you can simply apply for the WPC ETA License, which is required for the import of wireless products in India.

Overview Of WPC License

WPC stands for Wireless Planning & Coordination License. This license allows you to import and sell wireless items without facing any government barrier. It is part of the Department of Telecommunication that oversees Frequency Spectrum Management (FSM). The license is non-optional for the importer and seller of wireless products in India. 

It is a required authorization for individuals and businesses that seek to manufacture, sell, or import wireless equipment. The ETA (Equipment Type Approval) is granted by the WPC wing for the business owner. 

What Is WPC ETA Approval?

Products with wireless or radio functionalities imported or manufactured in India must have an Equipment Type Approval Certificate (ETA Certificate) grated by the WPC Wing in India. The WPC Wing operates under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. The department was formed in 1952, and the central office is located in New Delhi. WPC’s regional department is in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Guwahati.

Types Of WPC License

Here comes the type of APC license that is issued by the WPC wing on the wireless equipment:-

Types Of WPC License
Network LicenseNon-Network LicenseEquipment Type Approval
Experimental LicenceInternet Service Provider Licence (ISP)Import LicenceDealer Possession LicenceNon-dealer Possession LicenceETA Through Self Declaration CertificateETA Through (Other than Self Declaration Certificate)

Network License

The network license is for companies that provide country-restricted radio frequencies. It is approved to operate and establish wireless networks and communication services, including mobile networks, cable, and DTH.

  • Experimental Licence – Every individual or organization that wants to experiment with wireless items must obtain an experimental license from the WPC wing.
  • Internet Service Provider Licence (ISP) – Any organization that wants to provide Internet services must obtain an Internet Service Provider Licence (ISP) license from the Telecommunication Department (DoT).

Non-Network License

The license is issued explicitly to the non-network service provider, such as a TV distributor or wireless product provider. The permit is necessary if you sell, purchase and import wireless equipment. The non-network permit is of 3 types:-

  • Import Licence – The holder of an import license is allowed to sell wireless products in the Indian territory. The permit is issued to export wireless products in India.
  • Dealer Possession Licence – The license is issued to those individuals and organizations that are dealers or distributors of wireless products.
  • Non-dealer Possession Licence – It is issued to individuals or organizations that do not deal with wireless devices or hold no license from WPC.

Equipment Type Approval

This equipment type approval is necessary if you are dealing with multiple wireless devices such as mobile phones, wireless routers, and radio-frequency devices. So, if you are importing wireless devices from overseas, obtaining ETA Certification is mandatory. Without this WPC ETA approval, you are not allowed to sell wireless devices in the Indian Market.

Why is a WPC License Required?

WPC license is required to access the Indian market for manufacturers and imports in several ways. Let’s explore why you need a WPC ETA License:-

  • Boost Market Access – A WPC ETA license is a regulatory requirement if you are dealing with wireless products in the Indian market. After obtaining this license, the Manufacturer can increase the demand and access the vast market that demands wireless products.
  • Compliance and Regulations – By obtaining this license, you can ensure the consumer that the Manufacturer is following the technical and safety standards as per the Indian government.
  • Neglect Penalties. – If you sell and produce wireless items without a license, then you should be imposed by the penalties. So you can avoid the penalties after obtaining this license.
  • Build Consumer Trust – When you obtain The WPC ETA License, this will enhance the consumer’s trust. It indicates that your product is reliable, safe, and compatible with the Indian infrastructure and boosts the confidence of consumers and the credibility of the brand.
  • Global Expansion – Few international markets recognize the WPC ETA Approval as a legal document showing the product meets Indian standards. This thing results in a worldwide expansion of the product and company.

Who Can Get a WPC ETA License?

All the wireless equipment that operates or is managed on WIFI or Bluetooth require a WPC ETA License. The list of the following items must obtain WPC License In India:-

  • Bluetooth Devices
  • Routers
  • Smart Speaker
  • Wireless Repeater
  • Walkie Talkie
  • Wireless Terminals
  • Smart WIFI enable Bulb
  • Wireless Mouse
  • Bluetooth Headphones
  • Wireless Transmitter
  • Smart Watch
  • Wireless Camera
  • Wireless Nano USB
  • Wireless POS Terminal
  • Hotspot Device
  • Smart TV
  • Smart Home Gateway
  • Wireless Pendrive
  • RFID Reader
  • Wireless Receiver
  • Drones
  • Wireless Plugs
  • Wireless Barcode Scanner
  • Wireless Microphone

Documentation Required To Obtain WPC ETA License

Here we comply a list of documents that are mandatory to attach to obtain the WPC License In India:-

  • Copy of company registration
  • Copy of company GST registration
  • ID and address proof of an authorized person
  • Radiofrequency test report from IS0 17025 accredited foreign lab or any NABL accredited Indian Lab
  • Letter of Authorization
  • Product technical details
  • IEC in case of import
  • Purchase order in case of import
  • Receipt of online fee
  • Test report (CE/RoHS/ASTM/EN)

Process To Apply For WPC ETA License

To obtain the license of WPC WTA, you have to follow the process to apply:-

Step 1: Register On The WPC online Portal (Saral Sanchar Portal)

Register on the Saral Sanchar Portal for the online application. First, specify the commodity you need to import and submit an online application on the DOT Portal. When you submit the application, the system will generate an import ID.

Step 2: Click On The Apply New ETA

Submitting the self-declaration of every commodity you are exporting while applying for the NEW ETA is mandatory. You can use your generated ID to check whether your equipment falls under the WPC ETA Approval license.

Step 3: Get RF Test Reports

To process your license, you must check the EN standards and frequency range of the product’s RF test report. If the frequency range falls under the mandatory device license, you must work under the DE License, and then a self-declaration license will be issued.

Step 4: WPC Application

Once you have completed all the requirements, you will get an application for the WPC approval for the device you are importing.

Step 5: Submit The Necessary Documents

Collect all the documents and prepare them for submission. Submit them online and offline to the wireless planning and Coordination authority. After submitting the application and documents, the WPC official will send you verification.

Step 6: Pay The Government Fee

You can pay government fees online for WPC Registration. You have various options to pay for the WPC license, such as Debit or credit cards or Wallets.

Step 7: Issuance Of WPC Certificate

When they verify all the documents, the application is submitted. The WPC wing will issue the WPC certificate or ETA Certificate, which will help you import wireless devices in India.

Who can issue the WPC ETA License?

The WPC wing is responsible under the Department of Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to issue a WPC ETA License.

Who Can Apply For The WPC ETA License?

  • Domestic Manufacturer – manufacturers who manufacture wireless items in india can apply for the WPC license without appointing any authorized Indian Representative.
  • Foreign Manufacturer – By appointing an authorized Indian Representative in India, a foreign manufacturer of wireless devices must apply for the WPC license, which has no branch office in India.
  • Importers Of Wireless Devices – The importer of Wireless devices requires a WPC license.

Our Assistance in getting you the Import License WPC in India

The WPC ETA License Consultant will help you obtain a WPC license. With our Assistance, you can manage the application and documents you must collect once you require this license. We will help you to file the application on your behalf and make your WPC license approval more seamless.


What Is a WPC License?

WPC license stands for Wireless Planning & Coordination License, a license to import wireless equipment in India.

Is It Mandatory To Get a WPC License?

It is a non-optional license that applies to import wireless devices in India for manufacturers & importers.

What are the fees For Obtaining a WPC ETA license?

To obtain the license, you must pay Rs 10,000/—for each product you want to import.

Is an approved Product Required for a WPC License?

Yes, BIS-approved products also need a WPC ETA License.

What Is The Timeline Of WPC License In India

The WPC License will take usually 50 to 60 working days.