Legal Metrology is all about ensuring consumers the product quality, quantity, and accuracy in commercial transactions. To apply this certificate for the wide range of products you have to connect with the Legal Metrology Consultancy In Delhi. Among the multiple providers, we aim to be the best one that provides multiple services as per the requirements of the users. With the help of this, you can apply for the certificate you must have for the regulation of products.

Welcome To ELT Corporate Legal Metrology Consultancy In Delhi 

We welcome every client to get in touch with us to solve their legal metrology query. Our experts provide the best solution for any of the reasons that you want to know before applying for a legal metrology license.

Why Do You Require Legal Metrology Consultancy In Delhi? 

If you are thinking about why you should go with the legal metrology consultancy in Delhi then let me inform you about the below-mentioned benefits:-

Compliance Navigation:

Legal metrology regulations in India are complex. So, for a beginner, it isn’t easy to understand this. So, to deal with all the laws and rules, a consultant can guide you through the process. This will ensure your business adheres to the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011 & other relevant Legal Metrology regulations.

A consultant can guide you through the process to ensure your business adheres to the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011, and other relevant regulations.

Licensing and Certification:

They will guide you and help you to get the certificate according to your business activity (Manufacturing, importing, selling). So get the specific license or manufacturer’s packer license or Importer license.

A legal metrology consultant can assist you in getting these licenses and certificates and how to deal with the regulatory authorities rules.

Streamlined Processes:

A consultant can help you to get the dealer license acquisitions and director nomination for the LMPC Committee. You can run with the flow with the help of Legal Metrology Consultancy in Delhi.

Legal Metrology Services Provided By ELT Corporate 

ELT Corporate, a legal metrology consultancy in Delhi, offers a comprehensive suite of services of regulatory & compliance for the clients under one roof:

  • LMPC Certificate Acquisition – To obtain the LMPC Certificate Elt Corporate Pvt Ltd team will assist you and make your work more flexible.
  •  LMPC Licenses (Manufacturer/Importer) – All the manufacturers and importers can apply for the LMPC License for the regulatory of pre-packaged commodities in the Indian Market.
  •  Notice of Legal Metrology Certificate – If you receive any notice of legal metrology from the Legal Metrology department then no need to worry. Our experts will help you to resolve the issues in a short time.
  •  Model Approval – For weighing & measuring instruments model approval is a mandatory process. The ELT team will help you and make your model approval process more easy.
  •  Dealer License Procurement – All the dealers get in touch with us to obtain dealer licenses in India under the expert’s guidance.
  •  Director Nomination for LMPC – Our team will help you and assist you in obtaining a director nomination process in Legal Metrology.

Why Choose  ELT Corporate As an LMPC Consultant In  Delhi?

If you are thinking twice before going forward with the ELT Corporate services, then you must with the benefits provided by the team:-


ELT Corporate boasts a team well-versed in legal metrology regulations.

Streamlined Approach:

They can handle the entire process, saving you time and effort.

Client Focus:

Their focus is on providing efficient and client-centric solutions.

Considering legal metrology compliance? Partner with a reputable consultancy like ELT Corporate in Delhi to ensure smooth sailing and fair trade practices!