For the importers and manufacturers of Patna, we are here to inform you that ELT corporate one of the leading legal metrology consultancy Patna is offering its services in your location. You only have to connect with us once and we will be ready to assist you. Our team has of 7 years and assisted more than 1000 clients in Legal metrology. Experts will work on the query of the client and resolve it in the meantime. The team aims to build a good relationship with the client and find a better solution as per your needs.

Why Choose Legal Metrology Consultancy Patna?

You can choose us as a legal metrology consultancy expert due to professional experts and you will find the following benefits when you explore our services:-

  • Experts Guidance – Our experts will guide you to boost your regulatory compliance knowledge. We will guide you as per your industry and share knowledge about which certificate is required for certification.
  • Quick Response – Our team will give you a quick response and you will get an instant solution for your all problems.
  • Compliance with Legal Requirements – A consultant will help you to understand the Legal Metrology Act 2009 and ensure you about fair trade practices.
  • Streamlining Processes – All the legal metrology certifications of model approval, product labelling, etc are quite complex to understand. So our team will help you and assist you with the services.

Services Legal Metrology Consultancy Patna

Legal Metrology Consultancy Patna Services can help you understand the various factors related to regulatory compliance services. They will ensure that your products meet the legal metrology standards as per Indian law and grant approval from the legal metrology department.

Verification and Calibration

To ensure the weight and measurement of your instruments we can simply arrange for the verification and calibration.


Our team will assist you in getting the certificate as per your business needs and requirements in India. Through this, you can figure out which certificate due to required as per your business.

Testing of Pre-packaged Goods

For the approval of your pre-packaged goods, you can get assistance from the team and they will guide you about the testing process of pre-packaged goods.

License and Approval Assistance

The process of License and approval in Legal metrology is quite complex for normal users. You must have to understand the process via expert assistance. We will assist you and make sure that you will get better assistance for your work.

For What Certificates You Can Apply?

You can apply for the following applications:-

  • LMPC Certificate
  • Model Approval
  • Legal Metrology Notices Reply
  • Product Labelling
  • EPR Registration
  • BIS Registration
  • Medical Device Regulatory Certificate

Training and Awareness Legal Metrology Consultancy Patna

We will provide training to your staff about the Legal Metrology Departments, Rules and Acts. Through this, you will get best practices for accurate measurement. By utilising the Legal Metrology Consultancy Patna.

  • Reduce the risk of Legal Metrology Notices & Penalties.
  • Enhance consumer confidence 
  • Optimize the process of verification, calibration, and record keeping.
  • Inform you about the legal metrology updates and changes in rules.

ELT Corporate Legal Metrology Consultancy Patna

ELT Corporate has been assisting more than 7 years to clients in various industries and services. We aim to work for the satisfaction of the clients. Through our guidance, you can figure out what documents you need to comply with before applying and which certificate you require as per your business. You only have to connect with us once and we will file the application on your behalf and work for the approval of the application of the required certificate. So no need to wait just get in touch with us and apply for the Legal Metrology consultancy In India.