When the whole world is struck down due to this pandemic of Corona Virus, the priority of manufacturing sector has been shifted from industrial goods to preventive items of COVID-19, consequent to which mass import-exports are happening in relation with medical items, but the requisite certifications/licenses required for such imports are equally enforceable like as before corona period.

What is the Problem?

Legal Metrology law is not less than a riddle, a law which was enacted in the year 2009, yet has to gain the required awareness about its applicability and consequences. It has been seen that many Covid-19 related items are not manufactured in India, a prominent example of which is Infrared Thermometers which comes under the strict compliance of the Legal Metrology Act since thermometer is measuring instrument. Moreover, legal metrology does apply almost on all the non-weight & measurement pre-packed commodities also, consequent to which any import of hand sanitizers, masks, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), etc. do also attract the Legal Metrology Package & Commodity Rules under Rule27.

How to avoid this problem?

The major problem with legal metrology laws is that the government has yet not created enough awareness of its applicability. Many small importers have imported the small consignments of Infrared thermometer but at the time of clearing they are informed that they need to comply with Legal Metrology Registration and Model Approval of the thermometer. At EasyLegalTax Group we have well understood this problem and in fact through our mass campaign we tried to create awareness among the importers to avoid importing if they are looking to import small quantities, else they may land up into the additional cost of complying with legal metrology.

Generally, whenever any weight and measurement item is imported, it has to go mandatorily with the 2compliances under legal metrology- one is Importer Registration under legal Metrology and the second is the Model Approval. EasyLegalTax Group is a pioneer in legal metrology laws having its presence through its trained associates on pan India basis.

DISCLAIMER: – The use of this website does not constitute the rendering of legal advice by the author to the reader. The above content is for the knowledge of readers, based on the above, the readers are advised to make any legal decisions but to put their reliance on respective legal professionals.

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