The Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution amended the Legal Metrology Packaged and Commodities Rules, 2011, the amendment would be effective from January 01, 2018. The rules regulate the content and the manner of declaration to be made on the packaged commodities. The key provisions from the amendments have been highlighted below:

  • Amendment introduced a new definition of the Pre-Packaged Commodity: Pre-Packaged Commodity means a commodity which without the purchaser being present is placed in a package of whatever nature, whether sealed or not, so that the product contained therein has a pre-determined quantity.
  • No person shall declare the different Maximum Retail Price on a similar pre-packed commodity.
  • It is mandatory to declare the name of the country of origin or manufacturer or assembly in case of imported products.
  • The name and address of a company is mentioned on the label with qualifying words “manufactured by” or “packed by”.
  • The common or generic names of the commodity should be mentioned on the package.
  • If a package contains a commodity which may become unfit for human consumption after a period of time, the ‘best before or use by the date’ month and years shall also be mentioned on the label.
  • Declarations required on food products have been harmonized with labelling requirements under the Food and Standards Act, 2006.
  • The packages containing cosmetics products, the provisions of the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945 shall apply.
  • If Packages Containing commodities that have a shelf life bear on their labels “Best before or use by the date, month and year.”
  • The retail sale price of the package shall clearly indicate that it is the maximum retails price inclusive of all taxes and the price n rupees and paise be rounded off to the nearest rupee or 50 paise.

Exceptions on Legal Metrology Package Comodity

The above provisions Legal Metrology PCR Rules, 2011 do not apply on following commodities:

  1. If the package commodities containing quantity of more than 25 kilograms or 25 liters.
  2. Packaged commodities meant for the institutional consumer or industrial consumers.
  3. Fertilizers, cement and agriculture farm produce sold in bags of more than 50 kilograms.


In context of different kinds of pre-packed commodities the nature of mandatory declarations do also varies depending on the nature of commodity. Some other technicalities are also involved in compliance of packaged commodity rules.

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