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List of Metric Terms As Per Legal Metrology Law

List of Metric Terms To Be Used As Per Legal Metrology Law

According to the rules under Legal Metrology, various kinds of commodities and devices weighed and measured in different kinds of metric terms like kilograms, liter, length, etc. So to understand each of them lets know about the metric terms to be used as per legal metrology law. Weight and measurement of a commodity or device are mandatory, used in any transaction for the protection of the consumer.

The list of commodities under The Model of Legal Metrology (Enforcement) Rules, 2010 which may be sold by weight, measure, or number are as follows:

S. No.CommodityDeclarations expressed in the form of weight, measure, number, or more.
1.All kinds of SauceWeight
2.Sweets like Gulabjamun, Rasgulla etc.Weight
3.Paste and solid paintWeight
4.Liquid Petroleum GasWeight
5.Honey/Malt Extract/Golden SyrupWeight
6.Fuel Oil with heavy residueWeight
7.Aerosol productsWeight
8.Acids (Liquid)Weight or volume
9.Frozen products like Ice-creamWeight or volume
10.Liquid ChemicalsWeight or volume
11.Vegetable oilsWeight or volume
12.Furnace OilWeight or volume
13.Hair oilWeight or volume
14.PapadNumber and weight
15Nails/ wood screwsNumber or weight
16.Fruits and VegetablesNumber or weight
17.Readymade GarmentsNumber and size
18.Tyres and tubesNumber
19.Electronic CablesLength or weight
20.Electric wireLength or weight
21.Fencing wireLength or weight
22.Industrial diesel fuelVolume
23.YarnWeight or length of yarn
24.Compressed or Liquidated GasWeight and equivalent volume that stated temperature and pressure weight

Rule 10

According to Rule 10 of the Model Approval of Legal Metrology (Enforcement) Rules, 2010 the declaration of the number of commodities in any transaction, dealing, or contract or for protection should be in the following ways:

  • Weight (in case of solid, semi-solid, viscous, or a mixture of solid and liquid product)
  •  Length (in case a product is sold by measuring the length)
  • Area (if the commodity is sold by measuring area)
  • Volume (in case of a liquid or solid product, sold by cubic meter)
  • Number (in case the product is sold by number.

As per Rule 25 of the Act, in case of violation of rules, the person shall be punished with a fine extending to Rs. 5,000.


It is always advisable to consult an expert to avoid any violation of rules as per the Act.

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