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Solve Queries Of Legal Metrology

Top 9 FAQs on Legal Metrology

Get to know about the basic terms that you must know about Legal Metrology. This will help you to understand the importance and value of legal metrology in India.

What is Legal Metrology?

Legal metrology is the study of weighment and measurement concerning the mandatory technical and legal requirements having the objective of ensuring public security and accuracy of the weighment and measurement.

What Is A Pre-Packed Commodity?

A commodity which is packed without the purchaser being present and packed in a package having pre-determined quantity written on it.

Who Is Competent Authority To Grant Legal Metrology Licence?

The Controller of Legal metrology is the competent authority to grant the licence.

Who Approves The Model Of Weight And Measure?

There are various Regional registered standards laboratories, which approves the model and give the report to the Director of Legal metrology.

Who Issues The Certificate Or Licence Of Legal Metrology?

The central government gives the authority to the Director of legal metrology to issue the licence after the model gets approved by RRSL.

What Is The Validity Of The Lmpc Licence?

The validity of legal metrology licence for Bullion weights, Cast iron weights, Counter machine, Beam scale and volume measures is Two years.

For Electronic scale, platform machine, steel metre and peg measures is One year.

What If Your Model Gets Rejected?

If the model gets rejected, it gets re submitted for approval & again goes through the testing process in RRSL.

Can A Person Sell Or Use Weight And Measure Without Stamping?

No, using unstamped weight and measures is a punishable offence.

Do You Need To Display The Certificate Of Verification Legal Metrology Or Mark Of Approval?

Yes it is mandatory to display the certificate of legal metrology. The mark of approval of the model shall be affixed to the model and each weight and measure. If it cannot be affixed with the model, it may be associated with the certificate of approval.

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