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Benefits of WPC License

Before understanding the benefits of WPC license, let go of the detailed information of WPC-ETA approval. WPC stands for the Wireless Planning & Coordination Equipments type approval. It is mandatory to obtain if you are dealing with wireless equipment that operates in India’s de-licensed frequency bands, such as Wi-Fi devices, RFID devices, Bluetooth devices, walkie-talkies, GPS devices, Wireless mice and keyboards, etc. If you are going to apply this, then understand that the process includes various steps and a few pieces of documentation. The WPC license is valid for a lifetime once you obtain this certificate. If you have made any product changes, you have to renew your license. There are so many benefits to receiving a WPC License for wireless devices.

Why Is a WPC License Required for Wireless Items?

When you apply, WPC will issue the ETA Certificate. The license assures customers that their device meets government regulations and has been tested and approved by a government-recognized authority. The certification will help you build trust in your brand and avoid delays at customs when importing your wireless devices in India.

Notice – If you are selling wireless devices in India, you must obtain a WPC license in our country. 

To obtain this certification, you can consult the WPC License Consultants, who will help you get it. The WPC Certificate is issued by the WPC wing of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India.

Benefits Of WPC License

The WPC certification is precious for those who want to succeed in the wireless device market. The benefits of WPC are not limited it has further benefits such as:-

  • Avoidance of customs delays – When you import your devices into India, this certificate will help you avoid customs delays. An importer must face customs delays due to incomplete or inaccurate documentation or other reasons. So, you must have complete documentation during customs.
  • Helps In Winning Customer Trust and Confidence – A WPC license will help you win consumer trust. It shows that a government-recognized authority tests and approves your wireless devices.
  • Decrease of Risk Of Interference –The WPC ETA license ensures that wireless devices are used and produced within the given frequency range and do not interfere with other wireless devices while in the country. 
  • Improves Quality – It also helps to increase the quality and performance of the wireless devices.
  • Compliance With Indian Regulations In our country, it is mandatory to obtain a license for wireless items that operate in de-licensed frequency bands. This means that if you are willing to import or sell wireless devices in India, you must obtain a WPC certification.
  • Growth In Business –  The companies that obtained the WPC license have gained more customers and goodwill in the market. This brand image will help you grow your business and attract customers.
  • Product Quality Assurance The WPC certification includes many tests and assessments to ensure that wireless devices meet quality standards. It helps to improve the overall quality of that particular wireless device.

The above are the advantages of a WPC license in India. It is mandatory if you are dealing with wireless devices in our country.

Which Documents Are Required for WPC Certification?

When applying for the WPC certification, you must attach a few required WPC documents. Without these documents, your application will be rejected.

  • First, you have to fill out the application forms and test reports of the products.
  • Attach the technical documents such as an Authorization letter from the manufacturer, online fee receipt, Address proof of the applicant, Radio frequency test reports from the authorized laboratory, Import Export Code (IEC) certificate, GST registration certificate, and Company incorporation certificate.
  • IEC (The DGFT issues import export code & it is valid for a lifetime).

Process To Obtain WPC Certification

The process of applying for a WPC license is very simple for the applicant, but we recommend that you go with the WPC consultant. They will apply on your behalf.

  • File and application of the WPC license
  • Attach all the necessary documents.
  • Make the government fee for the application
  • Wait for the issuance and verification of the license.

Who Issues The WPC Certificate?

The WPC license is issued by the Department of Telecommunications(DoT).

What Is The Full Form Of WPC License?

The complete form of WPC is Wireless Planning & Coordination.