Legal Metrology is one of the laws which do apply on almost 95% of items but maybe hardly 5% of people are aware of the applicability, uses, and consequents of the said law.

Profiteering by Importers:

Post Covid-19, many importers in India are importing infrared thermometers predominantly for the profiteering, as none of these importers are regular importers of medical items or equipment. Pre Covid-19, these IR thermometers were used to sell for the price of Rs.1100-Rs.1500 per piece but after the outbreak of the coronavirus, the demand for the contactless thermometers has been skyrocketed. Consequent to which the manufacturers of the IR thermometers started charging Rs.1300-Rs.2000 per piece above all importer has to pay customs duty, GST, and other miscellaneous charges.

The procedure of Legal Metrology Compliances for IR Thermometer

Since Thermometer is a measuring instrument, it requires two compliances which are as follows

  1. Registration of Importer under Section 19

    Before making any import of weight and measurement items, the importer is required to obtain the importer registration. The importer registration for weight and measuring instruments is granted by only the Central Government having its office in Delhi for the whole of India, after inspection of the importers business premises by the jurisdictional Legal Metrology Officer. At EasyLegalTax Group we have PAN India arrangements for the registration of importer. While applying for the registration our experts guide the whole process in a way that importers have to face minimal/no statutory interaction

  2. Model Approval:

    Before the sale of any weighing & measuring instrument, it has to be first approved by the Rotary Standard Laboratory (RSL) notified by the government under the provisions of the act. The RSL keeps the model under testing for the minimum period of 30days. Once the model is approved the central government will issue the model approval certificate by publishing in the official gazette. The model Approval certificate is issued by only the Central Government having its office in Delhi for the whole of India.

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