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Suspension Or Cancellation Of Legal Metrology Act License

Suspension Or Cancellation Of Legal Metrology Act License

Just imagine a world where you can trust that the products you buy are accurately measured and labelled. Well, that’s exactly what the Legal Metrology Act was designed to do. It’s a law that ensures that measuring instruments and weighing scales are accurate and reliable. But what happens when businesses violate this law? That’s where suspension or cancellation of a legal metrology act license comes in. Suppose a business is found to be using inaccurate or unverified measuring instruments or weighing scales. In that case, the Legal Metrology Act license will be suspended. It means they cannot operate until they’ve fixed the problem. It’s like a red flag that tells customers, “Hey, something’s not right here.”

The suspension and cancellation of the Legal Metrology Act license is a serious action for the licensee. The legal metrology department takes action for the violation of the Legal Metrology Act and its rules. 

Licenses are issued to manufacturers, importers, and traders of weighing and measuring instruments. However, the authorities may suspend or cancel these licenses under certain circumstances.

The suspension and cancellation of the Legal Metrology Act license occur for various reasons. It includes:

  • Use of non-conforming or unapproved weight & measurement equipment.
  • Altering of weight & measuring equipment.
  • Fail to ensure the accuracy of the equipment.
  • Breaches of Legal Metrology Act Regulations.

The suspension or cancellation of a Legal Metrology Act license can occur through a legal process initiated by the designated authorities. The Controller of Legal Metrology (CLM) is responsible for implementing the Act and holds the authority to suspend or cancel licenses.

Several reasons may lead to the suspension or cancellation of a Legal Metrology Act license, including:

1. Non-compliance with the Act and Rules

Failing to adhere to the provisions of the Legal Metrology Act and its rules can result in license suspension or cancellation.

2. Incorrect Weighing or Measuring

If weighing or measuring instruments are found to be incorrect or faulty, the CLM may suspend or cancel the license of the responsible party.

3. Unauthorized Alterations

Making unauthorized alterations or modifications to weighing or measuring instruments is a violation that can lead to license suspension or cancellation.

4. Unfair Trade Practices

Engaging in unfair trade practices, such as selling or distributing incorrect or tampered weighing or measuring instruments, can trigger license suspension or cancellation.

5. Criminal Conviction

A criminal conviction related to weighing or measuring offenses can also result in license cancellation.

The suspension or cancellation of a Legal Metrology Act license is necessary to:

  1. To Maintain accurate and fair weighing and measurement practices in the marketplace.
  2. To Protect consumers from fraud and deception.
  3. To Ensure compliance with the Legal Metrology Act and its rules.
  4. To Promote ethical business practices in the weighing and measuring industry.

The metric system is defined as the standard for weights and measures, conforming to the International System of Units.

According to Section 5 of the act, the fundamental units of weight and measurement are outlined as follows:-

  • For electric current – Ampere
  • For Mass – Kilogram
  • For length –  Meter
  • For the amount of substance – Mole
  • For thermodynamic temperature – Levin
  • For luminous intensity – Candela
  • For time – Second

The Legal Metrology Act Department typically follows these steps for the suspension of a legal metrology license:-

  • Notice From Legal Metrology Department

    The legal metrology licensing authority issues a notice of Legal Metrology rules violation to the licensee. In this, they specify the reason for suspension & provide an opportunity for a hearing.

  • Hearing

    The licensee can appear before the licensing authority to present evidence in their defence.

  • Decision

    As per the laws (rules and regulations) the licensing authority will issue the decision as per the evidence presented.

  • Appeal

    The licensee may appeal the decision of the licensing authority within a specific period.

What Happens During Suspension Or Cancellation?

The suspension or cancellation of a Legal Metrology license can have significant consequences, including:

  • Temporary or permanent suspension of operations.
  • Loss of license to manufacture, import, or trade weighing or measuring instruments.
  • Legal penalties, such as fines or imprisonment.

Suspension and cancellation of a Legal Metrology License is a serious penalty. It is important to comply with the legal metrology rules and regulations to avoid such actions. Otherwise, you will face these consequences:-

  • Suspension

  • Cancellation

The licensee is prohibited from using the weights, measures, or instruments specified in the suspension order for the duration of the suspension.

The licensee will lose their license and be prohibited from working on those activities that need a license under the LMA.


The suspension or cancellation of a Legal Metrology Act license is not a mere punitive measure; it is an essential step in safeguarding the integrity of the marketplace. By holding businesses accountable for their actions, we reaffirm the importance of accuracy, transparency, and fairness in trade. This decisive action sends a clear message that compromising these principles will not be tolerated, protecting consumers from potential harm and upholding the trust that is the lifeblood of commerce.

Remember, the Legal Metrology Act is not just a set of rules; it is a pledge to uphold the values of honesty and accuracy in the world of trade and commerce. When these values are compromised, the suspension or cancellation of a license is a necessary step to restore integrity and protect the rights of all involved.


Who Can Initiate The Suspension Or Cancellation Process?

The Controller of Legal Metrology (CLM) is responsible for initiating the suspension or cancellation process.

Is There An Appeal Process After Suspension Or Cancellation?

Yes, the affected party has all the right to appeal the suspension or cancellation decision to the appellate authority designated under the Legal Metrology Act.

What Is The Difference Between Suspension And Cancellation?

Suspension is a temporary measure that restricts the licensee’s activities for a specific period, while cancellation permanently revokes the license.

What Are The Penalties For Using Suspended Or Canceled Weighing Or Measuring Instruments?

Using weighing or measuring instruments whose license has been suspended or cancelled is illegal and can lead to fines or imprisonment.