As we are all aware, legal metrology plays an important role in our day-to-day lives. Legal metrology protects the interests of the consumer and provides guidelines to the e-commerce site, manufacturer, packer, distributor, and importer to work in a systematic manner. The Legal Metrology Act also makes it mandatory to have a certificate of registration in order to deal in the Indian market.

Even after so many rules and regulations in the direction of compliance, disputes under Legal Metrology took place. However, Legal Metrology Disputes may arise when the compliances are not properly turned in by the e-commerce sites, manufacturer, importer, packager, or seller.

Any person whosoever deals in weight and measures without the compliance given under the legal metrology act may suffer the legal consequences, which can lead to a heavy fine imposed on the person or imprisonment or both.

Preventive measures can be taken by the e-commerce site, manufacturer, importer, or packer in order to protect yourself from the legal consequences and punishments of legal metrology.

What are the Preventive Measures for Legal Metrology Disputes?

  1. The very first step is to consult with a Legal Metrology advocate. Any person who is an expert in the field of legal metrology compliance, rules, and regulations can be consulted by any person who is a manufacturer, importer, packer, or sailor.
  2. It is mandatory to have proper LMPC declarations on pre-packed commodities.
  3. Every e-commerce site that is doing a business on the platform of online must consult with a legal metrology expert or an advocate in order to ensure proper and full compliance with the Act, which can keep you away from the hurdles and legal complexities in your business.
  4. Make proper declarations as required and prescribed in the Act of Legal Metrology.
  5. Disclose every detail in the declaration of the commodity and the package of the commodity.
  6. If you are an importer and importing the prepacked commodity into the Indian market, it will be preferable if you consult with a legal metrology advocate and get yourself registered and take the importer’s certificate.
  7. If in any case, during importing the prepacked commodity, you face any legal complexities, immediately contact your advocate who can help you out in the legal metrology.
  8. Prior to manufacturing, packing, or selling the pre-packed commodities, it will be suggested to you to go through the guidelines of Legal Metrology thoroughly so that you will not make any mistakes while dealing in the Indian market.
  9. If you are not aware of the guidelines and instructions of Legal Metrology or if you are not able to understand how to comply with the rules and regulations of Legal Metrology, kindly consult with an expert who can help you out in compliance with Legal Metrology.
  10. If in any case, you received the notice for non-compliance from the Legal Metrology department or from any legal metrology officer, then you should give your clarification to the authority who has issued you the notice and try to remove or rectify the problems or mistakes within the prescribed period of time. Also, you can consult an expert who particularly deals with Legal Metrology or weight and measures, or with prepacked commodities.
  11. Any person who has committed an offense by not complying with the rules and regulations of legal metrology cannot be arrested directly by any police officer without the prior permission of the magistrate.
  12.  LMPC offences can lead to a heavy penalty.

E-commerce Compliances Under the Legal Metrology

  1. The term “e-commerce” refers to the selling and buying of goods and services through electronic networks. However, any person or company who is looking forward to starting a business on E-commerce must be very careful and aware of the laws related to legal metrology and must comply with its rules and regulations of it.
  2. It is the prior responsibility of e-commerce sites to make the proper declarations on their products and on their portals as well.
  3. The portal of an e-commerce site should have detailed information about the manufacturer, seller, importer, and packer.
  4. E-commerce companies have to make certain declarations on digital or electronic platforms in accordance with rule 10 of the act.
  5. All the products which are sold on the e-commerce sites through e-commerce entities fall under the category of prepacked commodities.
  6. The products sold through e-commerce entities on its site would be covered under the Legal Metrology and its rules.
  7. The e-commerce site should disclose the information in both digital and electronic form to facilitate it in a better way with this seller and buyer.


Every manufacturer who is manufacturing the prepacked commodities, every seller who is selling the prepacked commodities, every importer whosoever is importing the prepacked commodities, every dealer who is dealing in prepacked commodities, and every e-commerce site dealing in the Indian market have to make sure that they are properly complying with the rules and regulations of legal metrology. Prior to starting the business under Legal Metrology in the Indian market, it would be preferable and suggested to you that you take the Legal Metrology consultancy from any of the legal metrology experts who can help you out throughout the procedure to be done with the compliance of the act. Also, by taking the help of a legal expert, you can easily get yourself registered under the Legal Metrology act to manufacture, import, and sell prepacked commodities in the Indian market.

For any kind of further guidance or support, you can contact the group of ELT Legal Metrology (Legal Metrology Consultant). They can provide you with the direction to get yourself indulged in the proper and legal way in Legal Metrology as it is a leading company that knows the procedure of compliance of Legal Metrology in a very good manner.

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