An IEC Certificate is required to import and export goods in India seamlessly. So, in this content, you will learn how to download the IEC certificate online from the DGFT website.

DGFT is a department that issued the Import & export license in India. They check all the details first per the mentioned regulations and issue the certificate as required.

The export and import industry is spreading in India, and most interested exporters are exporting high-quality goods to the international market. This is playing a vital role in promoting global trade.

When you switch to the import and export business, you must go through the documentation and licensing process. An IEC import-export code is mandatory to reach the global marketplace. 

If you do not have an IEC certificate, you are not allowed to ship or import products overseas. If you are exempted from special conditions, then you can ship and import products. 

The DGFT department approves the IEC code; once they issue the IEC certificate, you can download it from the DGFT website.

Overview Of IEC Certificate

IEC standard for Importer Exporter Code. It is a mandatory document for commercial transactions to import and export from India. Along with the import/export permit, the import-export code also provides other benefits. 

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How do you download the IEC Certificate Online from the DGFT Website?

Here, you will get step-by-step guidance to download the IEC certificate online from the DGFT website:-

  1. Simply go to the official website of DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade).
  2. Go to the “Service” option and click on the IEC profile management.
  3. On the IEC management page, scroll down and click on the print IEC button.
  4. To log in, Enter your username & password and CAPTCHA code.
  5. Enter the following details on the page:-
  • PAN number
  • Name (as mentioned on the PAN card)
  • Date of incorporation of the company (As per the PAN)
  • Latest file number without a slash
  • Latest file date

Print IEC Certificate: Click “PRINT” and save your certificate to print.

Why Do You Need To Print IEC From The DGFT Website?

You can print your IEC certificate because it is helpful and can be used for various licenses, paperwork, and procedures. To print this, you only have to provide all your details on the DGFT platform, which allows you to print it. The IEC certificate contains ten alphanumeric codes and a 10-digit IEC number—the recently updated IEC certificate also includes a QR code.

List of Situations You Need To Submit Your IEC Certificate

Here is the list of situations in which you need to submit your IEC certificate:-

  • Customs authorities ask for the IEC certificate when the importers need to clear the shipments.
  • If you want to send money to other countries, the bank also asks for the IEC certificate.
  • The customs port also asks for the IEC code when exporters export shipments internationally.
  • The bank asks for the IEC code when you receive a foreign currency in your account.

IEC is a mandatory export document for business owners to register with an e-commerce export program like Amazon Global Selling.

Conclusion – Download the IEC Certificate Online

Downloading the IEC code from the DGFT website is very simple. You only have to land once on the platform, and you can simply download it by going through the five steps mentioned above. You can show this IEC code during customs.


How long will it take to get an IEC certificate?

If you get all the documents, the authentication will take ten days. 

WHO issues the IEC certificate now?

Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) issues the IEC Certificate.