As we are all aware, every manufacturer has to renew the license of weight and measure from time to time as per the procedure laid down by the act and the guidelines issued by the state government. In this article, we are going to tell you the online procedure for LMPC online renewal of the license of weight and measure under Legal Metrology.

The legal Metrology wing is service-oriented government machinery, and for the LMPC renewal license, the manufacturer has to go to the website of the Legal Metrology of its concerned state.

Procedure to Apply for Online Renewal of License

The procedure for LMPC renewal license of manufacturer of weight and measures under Legal Metrology is given below.

Procedure to Apply

There is a specific procedure to apply for the online renewal license application for the license of weight and measure under the Indian Legal Metrology System, which you will find on the different portals of different states. However, the major procedure of the renewal is the same with a slight difference from state to state.

  1. LMPC Manufacturers registration has to be done on the portal of the Legal Metrology of the State Government.
  2. Fill in the application form for the LMPC renewal license provided on the portal,
  3. Attached are all the relevant documents for the LMPC renewal of the manufacturing license,
  4. Note the acknowledgment number for application tracking,
  5. The last step is to submit the application form

A license is issued immediately upon payment of the necessary fee for auto-renewal.

Processing time of License Renewal

The processing time for the renewal of the manufacturing license of weight and measure under legal metrology is 30 days as per the Right of Citizens to Time-Bound Delivery of Public Services Act.

Documents Required for License Renewal of Manufacturer

There are various documents required by the manufacturer at the time of LMPC renewal of license while submitting the application and applying for the license renewal. The documents for the renewal of the LMPC license of the manufacturer under legal metrology are given below:

  1. Copy of certificates of model approval by the government of India or by the Central Government
  2. One Identity Proof
  3. Pan Card,
  4. Identity documents,
  5. Voter ID cards, etc.
  6. Labor license
  7. Original license
  8. Records and registers of weight and measure
  9. Ownership documents such as:
  10. Lease agreements,
  11. Leave and license agreements,
  12. Ownership documents of the premises, and
  13. Deeds of lease

Designated Officer for Renewal of License

The designated officers for the LMPC renewal of the manufacturing license of weight and measure under legal metrology are given below:

  1. The assistant controller is the designated officer.
  2. The Controller is the appellate authority where a person can appeal against the order of the assistant controller.

Details required in Application Form of License Renewal

Every manufacturer has to fill in the details in the application form for renewal of a license or LMPC license renewal of the manufacturer. Prior to starting filing the form, the applicant must have all the documents and information handy so that he will not waste time thinking about the documents and be prepared to fill them in on time before the time got expired.

The applicant must have handy the following information and documents given below:

  1. Name and complete address of the manufacturer
  2. Name and complete address of manufacturing concern for which renewal of a license is desired
  3. A license numbers
  4. Name and address along with their father’s, husband’s name of proprietor, or proprietors
  5. In the case of a limited company
  6. Name of the partners,
  7. Name of managing director or directors
  8. Type of weight and measure which are manufactured as per LMPC license granted
  9. Information about the purpose of change
  10. The monogram or trademark used on weight and measures manufactured by the manufacturer
  11. Details of workshop facilities are available.
  12. Details of premises where such manufacturing is taking place.
  13. Details of production and sales in the last five years.
  14. Number and date of establishment/shop registration.
  15. A contact number along with the email address of the manufacturer.
  16. Registration number of
  17. Sales tax,
  18. VAT,
  19. CST,
  20. Professional tax, and
  21. Income tax.

Declaration by Manufacturer for License Renewal

After filling out the form with all the required documents attached and proper information provided, the manufacturer has to make the declaration to be certified by the applicant stating that the manufacturer certifies that he has read the Legal Metrology Act 2009, the Legal Metrology rules of the concerned state and agrees to abide by the same and also the administrative order and instructions issued or to be issued thereunder.

He had deposited the scheduled license fee as per the state guidelines to this sub-treasury/bank and the original challan is enclosed.

Tracking status of Renewal Application

After filing and submitting the form successfully, the applicant can track his application. However, the prescribed time for the renewal is 30 days, but the applicant can track his application by going on the portal of the legal metrology of the concerned state.

  1. After reaching the portal of Legal Metrology of the state government, the applicant has to click on the option of tracking given above the page.
  2. Thereafter, he will be directed to the tracking page where the applicant has to fill in the various information such as department,
  3. Under the option of the department, the applicant has to select Legal Metrology.
  4. The second step is to select the service
  5. The applicant has to select the renewal of the license.
  6. The third step is to provide the acknowledged number
  7. The applicant has to mention the acknowledged number that he received at the time of submitting the form.
  8. After providing the above information, the applicant has to fill in the captcha given on the page
  9. The last step is to click on the submit button and the applicant will receive the status of his tracking report.

Legal Metrology consultancy for Online License Renewal

  1. If any manufacturer is facing any kind of problem while getting his license renewed by the Legal Metrology department, then he may consult or get help from any legal metrology expert or the Legal Metrology consultancy to get his license renewed on time.
  2. An expert in legal metrology can guide you about the requirements of the documents and the procedure for the renewal of the LMPC license for the manufacturing of weights and measures under legal metrology.
  3. The Legal Metrology expert can even help you out if any documents are not available to you, he may come up with an alternative solution in which you will not face any kind of problem in getting your license renewed by the Legal Metrology department or by the Legal Metrology officers. However, there are various Legal Metrology offices located in India.


While going through the above article, we got to know about the online process of the renewal of a manufacturer license under Legal Metrology. The applicant should make sure that all the documents are handy while applying for the renewal of a license or while filling out the application so that without getting panicked and without wasting time, he will go through the process easier for license renewal. However, the online portal for renewal of a manufacturer’s license differs from state to state, which means the manufacturer has to fill out the online application on the portal of the concerned state wherever he is manufacturing or his business premises is located.

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