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Organizational Structure of Legal Metrology Department Goa

Organizational Structure of Legal Metrology Department Goa

The headquarters of Legal Metrology is situated in Delhi, but the offices of the Legal Metrology department are situated in every state of the country. There are several offices in each state of the country where the consumer can file a complaint and the manufacturer, packer, importer, or dealer of the commodity can apply to obtain the LMPC certificate, LMPC registration, and LMPC license. Applicants can also apply for the renewal of the license at the offices of the Legal Metrology department of their jurisdiction or at the office in whose jurisdiction the manufacturing unit is located.

Structure of Legal Metrology Office in Goa

  1. The department of legal metrology conducts its functions with the help of its subordinate offices spread all over the state of Goa.
  2. These offices function under the respective jurisdiction as notified by the state government of Goa. There are several powers of Legal metrology officers.
  3. The minister in charge of the department is the minister of Legal Metrology, Goa secretary Porvorim.
  4. The secretary (IAS) Legal Metrology Goa government, secretary Porvorim is the head of the department.
  5. The controller of Legal Metrology is the head of the office who has overall control over the whole state of Goa and overall control of the work of all the assistant controllers, inspectors, etc. who carry out their duties as per the statutes and submit their reports through their respective assistant controller.
  6. The official address of the controller of legal metrology, with telephone number and e-mail address, is given below:“The controller of Legal Metrology
    Office of the Comptroller Legal Metrology
    Near municipal garden, Diogo do Couto Rd,
    Panaji Goa. Pin code 403001.
    The telephone number is 2426432
    E-mail address:”
  7. The four zonal offices of assistant controller legal metrology Group B with their respective offices allotted to them on the issuance of notification by the government, at the following addresses mentioned in the table below:
AddressJurisdiction under control  
The assistant controller, legal metrology, north zone, second floor, tourist shopping complex, pin code 403507, telephone number 2256311With Hqs. As Mapusa (North Zone) has jurisdiction over the Talukas of Bardez, Pernem, Bicholim, and Satari.
The Assistant controller, legal metrology, H.O. central lab packaged commodities office of the Comptroller, legal metrology, Near the municipal garden, Diogo does Couto Road, Panaji-Goa. pin code 403001; telephone number 2421037With Hqs. as Panaji (central laboratory/packaged commodities) having jurisdiction over the whole state of Goa,
The system controller of legal metrology, central zone, Neugui building, Mala, Panaji, Goa. 421037With Hqs. as Panagi (central zone) having jurisdictionbf over the talukas of Tiswadi and Ponda,
The assistant controller, legal metrology of the South Zone, Char Rasta, opposite Konkan railway station, Margao-Quepem Road, Navelim, Margao-Goa. Pin code number 403601 Telephone number 270-3859With Hqs. As Maegao (South zone), having jurisdiction over the talukas of Salcete, Quepem Sanguem, Canacona, and Mormugao.

Assistant Controller and Inspector under Legal Metrology, Goa

  1. The nine offices of inspectors of legal metrology (non-gazette posts) are spread over the talukas allotted to them on the issuance of notification by the state government.
  2. The inspectors in their respective offices carry out their duties as per the statutes enforced. A surprise inspection by legal metrology officer is conducted within their jurisdiction.
  3. Under the supervision of the assistant controller who has control over the respective jurisdiction, the headquarters of inspectors and the talukas under their control, act as mentioned below:
    1. With Hqs. as Mapusa having jurisdiction over the Taluka of Bardez.
    2. With Hqs. as Pernem, has jurisdiction over the talukas of Pernem.
    3. With Hqs. as Bicholim, having jurisdiction over the talukas of Bicholim and Satari.
    4. With Hqs. as Panaji having jurisdiction over the talukas of Tiswadi.
    5. With Hqs. as Ponda having jurisdiction over the italicize of Ponda.
    6. With Hqs. as Margao having jurisdiction over the Taluka of Salcete.
    7. With Hqs. as Vasco, having jurisdiction over the Taluka of Mormugao.
    8. with Hqs. as Curchorem having jurisdiction over the talukas of Quepem & Canacona.
    9. With Hqs. as Sanguem, add English diction over the talukas of Sanguem.
  4. The inspector of Legal Metrology in their respective offices is assisted by the office staff with designations as laboratory assistant (Group C) and manual assistant (Group D).

The above-mentioned offices have control over the weights and measures, the packaging of the commodity, trader, offender, manufacturer, importer, dealer, repairer, etc.

Department of Legal Metrology

  1. The department of “Weights and Measures” has been changed to the department of “Legal Metrology” as notified by the government on issuing the notification.
  2. As the name suggests, the department of legal metrology relates to the following:
    1. units of weights and measures,
    2. methods of measurement,
    3. measuring instruments, and
    4. the regulatory safeguards for the public.
  3. It is the result of our national leader that led to the adoption of the most progressive and uniform metric system throughout our country to align video recommendations with those of the international organization of legal metrology for which India is also a member country.
  4. The department of legal metrology is one of the important organs for consumer protection to protect the interests of the consumer. It has an important role to play in providing the citizens with permanent administration of services.
  5. The department of legal metrology is concerned with technical and statutory requirements to safeguard the public interest from the point of view of security and accuracy of weights and measures.

Goa: Legal Metrology Consultancy

  1. Any person who is the manufacturer, importer, packer, or dealer of the commodity or anyone who deals in weights and measurements needs to comply with the rules and regulations of the legal metrology act. Any person who deals in weights and measures and prepacked commodities needs to get themselves registered with the legal metrology department by obtaining the LMPC registration, LMPC certificate, LMPC license, etc.
  2. Any person who wants to deal in weights and measures but has a lack of idea about the compliance of the act and about the rules and regulations of the act are in the different states of the country should consult the Legal Metrology consultancy.
  3. The Legal metrology consultancy will do all the formalities on behalf of its client and assist the client in obtaining the certificate or license. They are well aware of the compliance requirements of the act and the rules and regulations laid under it for the manufacturer, importer, or dealer of the commodity, so they can easily apply to the process to obtain the LMPC certificate and the LMPC license under the Act.
  4. If any consumer finds that any kind of fraud has been conducted by any manufacturer, dealer, or packer of the commodity may file a complaint with the legal metrology department, for which the consumer may also take the help of the Legal Metrology consultancy. After fulfilling all the requirements, the Legal Metrology consultancy will help you out in filing the complaint against such an offender.
  5. ELT legal metrology consultancy has various offices in the entire country and their practice is typically professional towards their clients, and they also help their clients to follow all the rules and regulations and compliance with the act. In case any wrong has been done to the customer, then the ELT legal metrology consultancy helps the customer to take any action against such wrongdoer.

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