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Package Labelling Laws on E Commerce Websites

Package Labelling Laws on E Commerce Websites

E-commerce entities and platform sunder the e-commerce legal metrology plays a key role these days in the selling and marketing expertise of businesses. E-commerce is the mode of online selling and purchasing of all electronic or non-electronic commodities including digital and non-digital products from any part of the world to any part of the world.

E-commerce platforms in the e-commerce legal metrology not only conveniently save time and efforts of a person but promise to deliver varieties of qualified options of a product at the best prices at a person’s doorstep. Hence to ensure that delivered commodities are accurately authorized and originally authentic in origin the package labelling and regulations were introduced in the country.

The Legal Metrology package labeling laws under e-commerce in India define the terms such as E-commerce, E-commerce entity, and marketplace-based model of e-commerce under Rule 2 (a) (bd), (be), and (bf) respectively of the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011.

Marketplace-based model is basically an information technology-driven platformby E-commerce entitiesfacilitating an electronic digital medium between seller and purchaser.Under Rule 6 (10) of the package labelling lawsunder e-commerceit is important to mention here that every E-commerce entityensures the presence of declarations made on every package bearing name and address of the manufacturer or packer as the case may be, name of the country where it was originated, manufactured, or imported, the common or generic terms, net quantity, best before date except the month and year in which that commodity was packed.

Such declarations should be broadly displayed on the electronic network used for online transactions. However, it is noted that with respect to market place model of E-commerce it is the duty of the manufacturer or the authorized concerned person to check that the declarations made are correct and authentic.

The E-commerce entitiesunder the package labelling laws and regulations in Indiashould provide a clear medium for communication of all the information made by the manufacturer, packer, seller,or importer. ELT Corporate ensures to use the effective online medium to render its services of consultation, registration, and compliance of all package labelling laws and regulations in Indiaunder e-commerceto our clients with a sole motive of enriching our clients’ profession by meeting their needs and wants by guiding and providing our best services economically and globally.

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