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Amendments In Importers Registration

Amendments In Importers Registration

Legal Metrology Act, 2009 has levied certain fixed rules, regulations and a standardized procedure which every manufacturer, dealer, packer, importer or a repairer has to comply with if they wish to conduct their trade and commerce comprising of any pre-packaged commodity, weights or measures in India.

Any importer under the Legal Metrology Act 2009 who imports any weight or measure must register himself with the Director in the prescribed manner and on the payment of the prescribed fees. Any such importer who is found to be importing such weights and measures without having any registration or without obtaining any importer’s certificate – licence to import any weights or measures, has said to commit an offence under the legal metrology Act, 2009 and is punishable under Section 38 of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009. Similarly, if any importer who wishes to import any pre-packaged commodities in India must register themselves under Section 27 of the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011. There also sometimes people face situations in their importer’s certificate and wish to make certain changes or amendment in importers registration. Since lesser awareness of the legal metrology laws and knowledge amongst the citizens of the country, it has become very important to ensure having an expert’s advice and guidance. Our team of leading professionals at ELT Corporate having years of experience provides assistance in dealing with all types of complexities under Legal Metrology from registrations to amendment in importer’s registration.

The legal metrology organization of Maharashtra has stated certain standard procedure and guidelines to be followed in case an importer wishes to make certain amendment in importer’s registration under legal metrology. Procedure for obtaining an amendment importer’s registration certificate to be done through online mode. Our team at ELT Corporate renders effective services to each and every part of the country through online mode of services and promises to deliver speedy disposal of the issues our clients face under legal metrology laws whether related to any registration or any amendment in importer’s registration. There are some supporting documents that are mandatory to be  submitted when any person wishes to make any amendment in importer’s registration certificate which includes packaged commodity registration certification issued by legal metrology organization, if a person wishes to amend the registered address in the certificate, then must submit the certificate of registration of industry /registration under shops establishments Act/ Authentic document issued by Government or local body, for amendment in product list and receipt of fee deposited.

Conclusion – It is very necessary for every importer in India to keep their registration details updated used for importing the pre-packaged commodities all over India. Every person can reach out to our corporate office ELT Corporate based in Delhi for any assistance regarding any amendments in the importer’s registration by contacting us through our website or the contact number provided in the same. We would be more than happy to assist our clients and render our prompt online services for the same in no time and at best reasonable prices all over India.

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