Date : 2020-05-25

Before starting the sale or distribution of any weighing and measuring instrument, its manufacturer/importer needs to obtain the model approval of the product. Every model has different technical specifications that need to be approved by the notified testing laboratory.

The Model Approval is not that simple procedure like registration under the legal metrology rather the time taken, fees and procedure, etc. are on the higher side and little difficult one.

Under the Legal Metrology (Approval of Models) Rules, 2011, in Rule 19 the fee for model approval is mentioned. 

RULE 19: -

Fees for testing of a model of weight or measure to be deposited:-

(1) The applicant shall while making an application under Rule 5, deposit fees in the form of a demand draft drawn in favour of the laboratory or through online payment towards testing charges of the laboratory in the following manner, namely:

(i) Rupees ten thousand for the testing of mechanical type model of weights or measures or weighing and measuring instruments;

(ii) rupees twenty-five thousand for the testing of digital or electronic type model of weights or measures or weighing and measuring instruments, that are intended to be manufactured or imported for transaction or protection.

(2) The applicant shall deposit half of the testing fees as specified in sub-rule (1) for testing of the substitute material.

The above fee is updated one and revised to the above-mentioned amounts vide notification dated: - 06.11.2019 by Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution.

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